For Sale: 1967 Topps Football Inserts (Recalled)

The set was issued as an insert with the '67 Topps regular issue football cards as well as being issued separately. The stickers are standard size and the backs are blank. Many of the cards feature sayings or depictions that are in poor taste i.e. sick humor. Perhaps they were discontinued or recalled before the end of the season , which would explain their relative scarcity. - Beckett Football Price Guide

These are really cool cards, up there in rarity along with the funny ring inserts from the year prior.

I have never seen these THIS clean. All of the cards as far as value are between $20 & $25 each (with ND at $40), there are 14 cards, although I would sell singles at a very fair price I would REALLY have a terrific deal if someone took the whole lot. PM me and let's make a deal. I may surprise you.

If you guys like vintage , you have not seen anything yet.

The List
#1 Navel Academy
#3 Notre Dame
#4 Psychedelic State
#6 School Of Art
#7 Washington
#8 School Of Hard Knocks
#9 Alaska
#11 Yale
#24 Army
#26 Kansas City Chiefs
#27 Boston Patriots
#29 West Point
#30 New York Jets
No# Ohio State

They are all in nm-mt SHARP corners , no gum..surface ears....

Guys, working on my photo bucket so thanks for being patient

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