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Thread: looking for 90-91 Bowman cards

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    looking for 90-91 Bowman cards

    i'm looking to make a set of 90-91 Bowman so let me know what you have of them and what you want in return..

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    looking for 90-91 Bouman hockey

    I would have some of the name players, I think all of my commons are gone. What do you have to trade other than hockey?

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    i have some baseball base cards and a few basketball inserts..

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    90-91 Bouman hockey & Modano cards

    Thank you for the reply. I will try to prepare a list later SUnday evening for you.

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    I just Looked through all of my 90's cards and the only bowman i have is Rob Blakes rc.
    Havn't had a chance to look thru all of my common boxes , will if i get the time and pm you a list.
    if you are interested in teh Blake let me know


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    hi mundaym23
    got the following bowman 90/91
    hat trick inserts #11,16,19,21
    base #8,14,16,22,32,34,40,48,59,61,67,76,84,86,87,91,97 ,106,108,109,110,111,113,117,126,127,128,135,136,1 37,138,140,141,143,
    144,145,168,176,180,182,183,192,193,197,202,203,20 9,210,211,212,214,217,218,226,227,229,230,231,236, 215,240,241,245,246,256,261
    LMK dave

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    here is what i can use #8, 22,32,34,59,61,67,76,86,87,91,97
    ,106,108,109,111,113,117,126,127,128,136,138,140,1 41,143,
    145,176,180,182,183,193,197,202,203,209,210,211,21 2,214,217,218,226,227,229,231,236,

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    still looking for older cards shack,plager bros, cheevers,keon,sanderson,mckenzie, most goalies
    or dupuis, gaborik, thorton, glen murray, young players
    i will trade commons for commons
    i am working 7-7 tonite so it'll take me awhile to respond

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