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    Okay I will share my card story (sad but funny a little)
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    Got my mail one day and inside the bubble envelope was my brand new sidney crosby poweerplay rc card and I was showing it off to my daughters (twins who were 4 at the time)

    They know my favourite player I collect is sidney crosby and they can even spell his name correctly (you can see were this is going)
    they have seen my others crosby cards and notice that he has a black jersey on most of the time.
    I go downstair to get us a snack and drink and when I come back ( about 5 minutes) there is my lovely daughter holding the crosby and a black sharpie markers and proceeeds to show me that she colored in his white jersey and spelled his name on the card!!!!

    I was not sure whether to laugh or cry but I just had to smile and let it go!!!

    Thank god I done leave my hi end stuff around for her to touch!!!


    Look at the bright side, you now have a true 1/1 Crosby with a hard signed auto. I hope you kept it!

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    How many people out there have fallen asleep when they were watching auctions only to see their nice PC high book value card go for a couple bucks.
    I had a huge deal for some Jordan Staal cards from a fellow SCF member. We are talking HUGE with extremly rare cards. I was to pay $280 when they arrived. Naturally we aggreed on Express Post. Well....they got lost in the mail! (I never heard of express post getting lost) The seller only took the $100 insurance (again Express Post never gets lost)
    I got no cards and the seller lost some big bucks on this transaction.

    I still dream that they will show up someday....

    Here are the cards I should have got.
    06-07 Be A Player Signatures 10 xx/10
    06-07 ITG Ultimate Memorabilia Autos Dual Silver 40/40
    06-07 ITG Ultimate Memorabilia Future Star Gold (3 color) 1/1
    06-07 ITG Ultimate Memorabilia R.O.Y. Auto Gold 1/1
    07-08 SP Game Used Spectrum 15/25
    08-09 Be A Player Players Club 12/15
    08-09 SP Authentic Limited 68/100
    08-09 SP Authentic Rookie Review Autographed Patches (2 color) 42/100
    08-09 SP Game Used Authentic Fabrics Dual Patches (w/E.Staal) (3 color) xx/25
    08-09 Upper Deck Signature Sensations
    08-09 Upper Deck Artifacts Blue 4/50

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    i'm a little p-o'd today after falling asleep on one last night, wouldve been a nice steal too i think

    kessel White Hot /10 sold for 4$

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    Sigh, that's it no more UD for me!

    summary of story:
    bought a Cup 07-08 B.Salming Enshrinements
    back of card has a lot of factory creases (at least 7)
    Contacted UD for replacement (May 20th, 2009)
    They said sorry, no more stock, but will send complimentary products.
    waited until November 2009 when I contacted them again
    OUps sorry, forgot to issue a case # and suddenly they have something to replace that card.
    So I sent it on November 28th, 2009 without tracking (who would steal a damaged card)?.
    Waited 2+ months, I asked them if they'd receive it by now.
    Their answer is: NO.

    I guess the card is forever lost. If you see a Salming Cup enshrinements #32/50 please contact me so that I can attempt to trace it who stole it (UD or the mailman)... probably UD.

    EDIT: received a Heatley enshrinements #35/50 4 months after mailing it and a year and nearly 10 months to obtain this replacement.
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    i'm a little p-o'd today after falling asleep on one last night, wouldve been a nice steal too i think

    kessel White Hot /10 sold for 4$

    aah that sucks

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    well i knew rite away wich story i had for this board. this happened many years ago.. before high i was in grade school.. when cards meant oh so so so much to me. ill keep this as short as possible.. i was a baseball collector and got a of 1994 upperdeck CC. low and behold that was the year michael jordan had a temp job with the Chicago White Sox.. and i just got his card.. so i was so happy.. i showed a select few that day and kept it as close as possible to me .. wich was in my pocket.. well i shoulda checked my pockets before i gave my mom wash.. because when i got my was all dry and clean.. she handed me my Michael Jordan card wich had been mangled by the washing machine.. earlier this year while sorting cards.. i came across it.. still in the top loader with its war wounds.. ive scanned it up to add some spice to my story.. and ya.. i know now its not worth much. can probably pick up one on ebay for a few bucks.. but in 1994.. they didnt have ebay lol. well heres the picture.. I enjoyed everyone elses stories aswell!. cheers everyone.

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    I have 2 stories to share, one happened to me, and another, to a family friend.

    okay, so i was out with the family and went into a store and noticed they sold packs of hockey cards. i bought a pack of 05-06 ud series 2 hockey. opened it up and was excited to pull my first ovechkin rookie, even though it was victory. so i put it in a sleeve and was gonna put it in a holder when i got home. so i go to get my kys and open the door, and right before i go into the house, the damn thing falls and dings a corner! good thing it was a small bv card though

    now a guy i know, used to collect cards as a kid. his favourite player was bobby orr, and he would trade cards with friends, ONLY for bobby orr cards in return. so needless to say he had hundreds of them. considering he is near 50, some could very well be his rookie cards. so one day when he got older, his mom asked what he wanted to do with them. he said to burn them. and the cardboard gold slowly burnt to a crisp. a heartbreaking story, but ive heard quite a few versions of the old messier and gretzky and orr and cards worth lots of money used on bikes to make noise or thrown out by mom.

    love this thread, thought i would share too!

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    I was in a card shop in 2005 and I had cracked a box of Upper Deck Series 1. I was happy to pull a Zach Parise and Mike Richards rookie.

    The dealer offered me the last box for $65 but I didn't bite. We were chewing the fat when someone came in the store and bought the box. Out of the second pack came Crosby... HG #/10.

    The French was fluent. He also pulled the regular Crosby YG, an autograph of Cam Neely (I think), and a triple jersey of Brodeur, Luongo and someone else.

    We still joke about that. We never saw that guy again. I wonder if he knew what he got.

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    nothing big, but i missed out of a Hanzal HG for 0.99 on ebay a few months ago.

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    This one happened a couple years ago, as you'll soon understand. I would have been early high school years, and the prized card in my collection was a Patrick Roy OPC RC that my uncle had given me as a grade 8 graduation gift. I went to my friend's cottage for a couple weeks one summer and came home to find that it was missing from the box that it was usually kept in. It took me about 3 weeks to discover what had happened to it. My youngest brother, probably grade 3 or 4 at the time, had taken the card and traded it with somebody at school for a Charizard Pokemon card. I tried to talk my parents into making him get it back, but they said he had traded it fairly, and it wouldn't be nice to ask for it back...

    He's never lived this one down, and I still have nightmares about it...Argh.

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