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    Why? Why? Why? Did i do that!!! Please tell us!!

    This thread is to share stories of things that you have done personally in the Hobby and after say/think the title!!

    Think of things that have made you laugh, cringe, cry, or just roll your eyes.. But share your own stories, not of others that you know....

    I will start....

    Cringe/Cry Category!!

    I received in the mail, via eBay a Multi-player auto, short printed to 3... The card WAS in mint condition when I pulled it out of the bubble mailer... I did what I always do when I get a card, I change the card into a fresh holder... As I was changing the card into its new holder, the card slipped out of my hand.. I should have let it fall... Instead, I grabbed at it in a slapping motion and trapped it between my two hands... The problem? The card was now bent in half.... WAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!! It's not the money, (okay well it is) as much as just the sheer stupidity of how it happened.... God my eyes are welling up!!! DON'T ASK WHO WAS ON THE CARD.... GRRRR!!!

    So please share your intimate moments in the Hobby!!! Cheers, Fawad.

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    whoever the players were , a card short printed to only 3 copies must be a heartbreaker.

    Feel bad for you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brodeur_fan666 View Post
    whoever the players were , a card short printed to only 3 copies must be a heartbreaker.

    Feel bad for you.
    Thanks but no need to feel bad, in French we say C'est la Vie!! (That's Life)

    But if you have a tale of your own, share..

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    i have a box full of hockey cards right. well i have a folder bed. cards got caught under my folding bed and i bet you can guess the rest

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    Ouch, I've heard a few of people ruining cards by reacting when cards fall. Either by slapping their hands together to catch it or by rolling back on their chair only to find out they rolled over the card.

    My story is about how I missed out on a sweet steal which I still look back upon and think of how much of an idiot I was for being so cheap at the time. I had the winning bid of only $16 or so on an 08-09 SPGU SIGnificant Patches auto /10 back in March which had a nice 3 colour patch. Within the last 15 seconds or so I decided to raise my max bid but was too late before the auction ended. Within that time I was sniped by a $0.25 difference. I still look back at that and think of what an idiot I was for not raising my max bid earlier since even $30 would have been a nice steal.

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    Much like you Fawad, I like my cards in a fresh protective case/loader. Well, I got a nice redemption from UD for a Malkin /Radulov dual auto (BV around $100 at the time). Sometimes I'll leave non PC cards in the holder they arrive in, but UD had tape across the top of this one, and I hate tape on a toploader.
    So I brought the card with me to the local card shop, and purchased a nice new one touch for the card, but I didn't change it in the store. What did I do?......I waited until I got back to the car, realized I hadn't changed the case, and didn't want to wait until I got home, so I open the new one touch, and place it on the roof of the car next to my keys, and then, still standing on the sidewalk, carefully remove the card from the toploader, then carefully place the card in the slot of the one touch, and then my keys start to slide off the roof, I go to catch them, which I do, but in the process, knock the open one touch off the roof of the car, and the card goes ink side down, onto the pavement.
    I'm usually extremely careful with cards, but I definitely had a case of dumba$$ that day.

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    I have all of my collection in storage boxes on those cheap pine Ikea shelving units in the basement. They are along a wall that leads to the door to our laundry room. One day taking a laundry basket past I caught one of the side screws on the basket weaved area and toppled one of the units. Everything was well protected, so no card damage, but it was a nice make work project for 3-4 hours to put everything back in order. I have since screwed the shelving units to the studs so I don't repeat this event. And I tried excusing myself from laundry as a result but the wife wouldn't go for it.

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    This one sucks...but I didn't do it!
    I had sold a bunch of tradebait (auto and game used) for about $100. I had all the cards out on my desk ready to be packaged in bubble mailers. I had to run to the store and when I got back my boyfriend had a horrible look on his face. He spilt coffee on them. ALL of them, which leaked into the toploaders and ruined them ALL.
    I then had to refund the buyer his cash, which of course I had already spent :s
    My boyfriend sure paid for that one!

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    had a guy respond to a thread i had saying he could finish my series 2 yg set (except for one) but he would only take Steve Mason in return. since i didn't have any to trade i turned to good ole e-bay, and because this guy was going to finish my set (except for one) i thought i would show a little appreciation and get the guy a card well over the bv, bought a really good #/100 Mason well over bv. contacted the guy to brag about the awesome card i bought him, he already had it and didn't want it. i kicked myself for a long time.

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