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Thread: Funny caption contest

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    Funny caption contest

    Welcome to very first Misc. trading section contest where you have the chance to win this prize-

    Sealed Superman Returns Exclusive DVD Collectors Kit-Includes DVD,Tin Lunchbox and Comic Book.

    It is an easy contest, and the rules are very simple:

    1. You can choose any ONE of the five pictures below and add your funny caption to it. Post up your entry. If you are unable to get the picture to post simply put the number of the picture you want along with your caption and we will post the photo for you.Make sure you look over everyone else's before you post your's. In the event that the same winning answer is posted, the one who posted it first will win.

    2. Please do NOT PM me your answers. Do a post/reply with your caption in this contest thread. Also, do NOT "EDIT" your post. Any post that has been edited AFTER posting WILL BE automatically disqualified from this contest!(Except those edited by the misc. team for adding the picture)

    3.Only one entry per person.

    4. Keep your captions clean. No vulgarity etc. If a caption is deemed to not fit in those guidelines it will be deleted and the member disqualified from the contest.

    5. You have from now and until 9:00 PM Friday September 11 (eastern time) to post your entry. After that, the misc. team will vote and choose the winner!


    So, that is about it. Remember to be funny!

    Good luck everyone!!

    Photo #1

    Photo #2

    Photo #3

    Photo #4

    Photo #5

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    ...And they said I'll never fill the skates of Manon Rheaume,

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    Superman: OMG!!!! I told you I look good on this.
    Kid: Whatever!!!!!
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    Eastwood just didn't have the same bad-boy image after becoming the official spokesman for Depends Adult Diapers. "If you aren't feeling lucky, don't leave home without them."
    I only collect Twins, unless trading up for better trade bait.
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    Sixth Toe Got To Go!
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    "$100 for a box of Donruss Americana and I pull my own autograph! What are the chances?"
    bucket:Hidden Content
    Need: 1971-72 Topps hockey, Detroit RedWing autos/patch/gu, 1970 Topps Football Posters, goalie autos and a life.
    Have​: money and some memorabilia I'm always willing to trade

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