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    2 IN-PERSON autographs for trade want to get rid of FAST

    Hi i dont like hockey at all i just got these in person for something to do Untill i could get some football autographs..I only have two players

    Derek Morris
    John Leclair

    I have about 7 sign bye John Leclair he is a very nice guy...Let me know if you are interested in sny of these bye replying to this post i want to trade these for football GU or Autographs Or any MARCUS TRUFANT cards
    my website

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    I want your John LeClair!!! My UVM buddy! What do you want? Check out my list. Find ANYTHING!. peace,mike

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    I seen nothing on your site i want im looking for FOOTBALL only if you could list some that would be Great and how many of myy joh leclair would you like

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    Let me know What you want to do

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    They are signed NHL tradeing cards the leclair is on 96-98-7 fleer ultra the derek morris is on a 1998 pinnacle

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