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    Looking for Score 95-96 Border Battles.

    OK I've decided that I'd like to try and complete the Score 95-96 Border Battles insert set of 15 cards. I already have a Sundin and a Modano is on its way in the mail. Does anybody happen to have any other ones? Also if anybody happens to see them on ebay or something get back to me. Thanks.

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    hi studin
    i have sakic, jagr,hull,lafontaine,roenick and zhamnov left
    LMK fallen88

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    Whoa guess its a good thing I didn't mail to you yet for the Modano. How much for all off them? Also I need your addy again cuz I must of deleted it by accident cuz I can't find it.

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    i have the pierre turgeon #1 if your interested. It's only worth .60 so if you just send me a sase i will send it to you.
    pm me if you are intersted.

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    looking for score 95-96 border battle

    have the complete forgagne,justin williams

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    I don't really have alot of Gagne or Williams anything else?

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    Studin - the card only books at $3 I think so just go ahead and send me an SASE and I'll mail it to you. I collect Brodeur, Sykora, Morrison, and Gionta if you want to include anything, that's cool with me. If not, like I said, just mail me a sase. I'll PM you my address.

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