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Thread: 1972 NFL Sunoco Stamp Album

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    Thumbs up 1972 NFL Sunoco Stamp Album

    Have 56 page album with with all stickers posted inside. One offensive and one defensive page for each team. Offers? I collect baseball and football stars from 70's to current.

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    hey I have one of them too it's the delux model but I was told that I should of left the stamps out of it ,but what did I know then heck I was 10 years old.remember the little stamp carry case they had with the pockets on both sides to put your stamps in

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    1972 Sunoco Stamp album

    I also had the other deluxe album also but traded it last year. That one had the stamps in it also. We all did the same thing, you had a sticker album, were given the stickers to put in it, so that's what we did. I do however have the 1990-91 NBA Panini sticker album with the sticker sheets unposted yet. I remember seeing a value at one time for the deluxe NFL album in the annual price guide. Some of those stamps were really worth something.

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    Don, thanks for the trade. Beckett Plus Guide received, and feedback given.

    I hope you get your cards soon


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    Thank you for the feedback. I'm glad that everything worked out fine and you are pleased. I will let you know when I receive the cards and post feedback accordingly.
    Thanks again and looking forward to more trades.

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