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    Question ****Special Trivia for an Etopps Card****

    Thanks to the meuandthelot we are offering an in-port 02 Junior Spivey eTopps card. You will need to have an ebay account and an etopps account to complete the transfer.

    For an 02 Junior Spivey Etopps card:

    Who was the first non-athlete to be named Sports Illustrated "Sportsman of the Year"?

    Remember, only 1 answer per member.

    Thanks again meuandthelot!

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    BIG Props to everyone at SCF as you chase 14 Million posts!

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    Pete Rozelle was in 1963, and he was a commissioner for the NFL.

    The full list of Sportsmen of the Year from SI can be found here:

    I win! WOOHOO!!! :hop:

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    You did win KingPin! That was quick! VERY GOOD JOB! :D

    All you need to do is PM meuandthelot to set up the private transfer.

    Thanks again go out to meuandthelot!:D

    SCF Founder
    BIG Props to everyone at SCF as you chase 14 Million posts!

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    that sucks tiger wood have won twice and he ain't even 30 yet

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    Thanks BGray... and big thanks to MeUAndTheLot for providing the prize! This is my first ETopps card...

    I can't believe nobody beat me to this... I got the answer within seconds from when I saw the post. A little luck, and knowledge of search engines... and poof... I won! :D

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    Originally posted by jdfan123
    good luck kingpin hope you enjoy etopps
    He'll be addicted in a matter of days. I think we all were!!! Good luck and check out before you buy cards so you have an idea of what to pay and stop bidding. Good Luck!!!

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    Congrats on your first Etopps card, and trust me, soon youll have MANY more

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