HEy guys im trying to launch an online business, selling christmas wreaths.

Im making my site using ZenCart and am in need of a header

Here is the site im using and right now it has a header im using on another site just holding its place


The Name of my Business will be Family Tradition Wreaths

Im in need of a nice looking header for the site maybe along the same with the snow along the top and bottom

I need a logo that will be for my business that ill be able to use on business cards ivoices and the works, but also can fit in with the Header

HEre is an example of another site thats doing the same thing im going to be doing http://besseyridgewreaths.com/

They use that Bessey Ridge Wreath circle on their invoices and stuff..

I really am clueless with graphics so if you need to know more please ask. I would be really apreciatve to anyone who can help me with this

it also needs to be in .png format and id like a psd copy as well so i can edit in the futire if needed