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    Which Defense would you rather have?

    My buddy who is a Wings fan says they had a better defense last year than team Canada had at the Olympics. What do you say?

    Chelios,Lidstrom,Fischer,Dandenault,Woolley, Kuznetsov/Bykov

    Blake,Pronger,MacInnis,Niedermayer,Brewer,Jovanovs ki,Foote

    Is he right or is he retarded and I should beech slap him right now?

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    he is retarded...go ahead an slap him

    i wouldnt even take chelios, who is detroits 3rd best d-man (with schneider in the lineup) over anyone picked on team canada INCLUDING eric brewer who is a very good two way d-man

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    Thats basically what I said to him,but he is such a homer when it comes to the Wings.

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    Thank you I already slaped him LOL. Detroit has a great D but I don't know how they compare. Even if you break it down player by player Lidstrom is the only one who is better than some of them.

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    Team Canada is much better. However it should be said that Fischer would have had a tremendous year last year if not for that knee injury. He had an awesome year 2 years ago and would have been Detroit's number 2 defender. I think he'll be num,ber 3 this year behind Lidstrom and Hatcher.

    Also, Kuznetsov is a peice of . He was surpassed on the depth chart by Patrick Bouileau and even fellow POS Jesse Wallin.

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    well getting hatcher will make them able to hold off the avs this year

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    what u need to do is take a foreign object and slap him. a stick or a piece of food is always humiliating.

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    Hatchers one of the 3 best defencemen in the league, and he's not even the best on the team. Thats not bad.

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