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    $50 off @ Steiner Sports with no min purchase

    I found this on another board. Use the code YANK909 at checkout, you get $50 off your purchase no minimum!

    I just bought 3 signed 8x10's for $19.97 shipped

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    Thanks alot man, this is the best promo since the Free Frank Robinson Baseball...

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    so you could get a $50 item for free?? not including shipping

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    Quote Originally Posted by howardpwr06 View Post
    so you could get a $50 item for free?? not including shipping

    I just tried to enter the code and it would not take it...

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    It worked until about 10:40am this morning. This code no longer works.

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    We are going to have to make a thread just for steiner coupon codes, if they keep having such great deals...

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    Quote Originally Posted by kobelover_24 View Post
    is it still going on?
    Not unless you are a Yankees Season ticket holder. If you are then you can give your account number and the deal will work.

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    Yeah, I tried it yesterday afternoon and it didn't work, guess I was too late for the party :(

    But I agree that we should have a sticky thread for coupon codes for memorabilia sites. I get emails from Upper Deck and, so I would be happy to share them.

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