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Thread: Are these autos legitimate?

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    Are these autos legitimate?


    I was wondering if a few people could look at these kijiji ads. The prices were so low, I'm guessing this isn't legit. The seller emailed me with a meetup spot in Toronto.


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    the bobby orr looks a little suspicious, weird B for the first letter

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    Thanks for responding! It does look a little suspicious. The prices are extremely low as way a Kobe/Lebron dual autograph photo goes for 40 dollars. Do you know if there are any experts on the internet that could determine if this is real or not by just looking at the ads?

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    the bobby orr looks a little suspicious, weird B for the first letter

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    That Orr definently looks like a fake. Just my opinion.

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    PSA do an online authentication. It's 10-15$ and they give their opinion. Works with ebay as well. Obviously it's not as precise due to they can't magnify it or see indentations, etc but they can base it off patterns

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    Orr has a very distinctive backhanded slant in his signature which is completely absent in this case.

    Also, 99% of his certs come from ACE or ACE Vintage, which have been on various certification blacklists for some time.

    The last factor is the price. Rule of thumb, if it looks too good to be true, it likely isn't true. My gut feeling is that they're fakes. Well-done and close fakes, but fakes nonetheless.
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