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    Talking Got a question for ITG? Here's your chance...

    Hey all,

    For the November edition of Collector's Corner ITG has accepted to do a Q & A with SCF members. I have promised our contact there that he would get good insightful questions and that he would get them by the end of the week, so please, let me know by posting in this thread what you would like to ask ITG.

    I will start things off with my own question:

    - Why are the made to order redemptions made by post and not electronicaly? I can understand for HSHS pts and BTP pts as it would be ridiculous to have redemption codes for all of those, but for a Made to order, surely it would simplify the process and make it less stressful for the customer?

    Come on all, let me see those questions :)
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    The H&P point’s redemption's just past the final date and the last numbers I have seen arrive where 9/20. What happens to the other 11? Do they think they should extend the program, reduce the qty. made or ask for fewer points?

    Can they post on their website how many of each card where actually sent out?

    Your card could say it is out of /20 but could be only 9 of the cards made. Big difference.

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    What is ITG's official policy about re-slabbing opened holders (like Superlative, Ultimate, etc.)?

    Will we ever see cards from ITG with in game photography without false colour backgrounds, or do you plan to leave that market to other competitors?

    How many GU pieces do you have left for Vezina items? How many in total have been produced?

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    I'd like to know what goes into making a checklist. Especially when it comes to retired players.... and specifically...... Do they track secondary sales (as a gauge for how popular a player is) at all?
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    Since I onw this card "2007-08 ITG Superlative Enshrined Autographs Gold #EKD Ken Dryden /1", I wanted to know if the "2007-08 ITG Superlative Enshrined Autographs Silver #EKD Ken Dryden /9" were ever produced since the word is that they were never produce?
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    Does ITG have any plans to implement on card serial numbering on all short printed cards?

    Does ITG recognize that the lack of on card serial numbering has a negative impact on the secondary market?

    Given how fragile the sticker seals used on Superlative toploaders have proven to be, and the desire of some (probably most) collectors to retain their cards in whatever "original" holders they come in, does ITG have any plans to either cease use of these seals, improve the seals so they actually stay intact, or start using higher quality (ie. magnetic one touch) card holders for their highest end products?

    It is apparent, given the abundance of show stamped cards in the past, that ITG produces a considerable amount of extra copies of short printed cards for damage replacements, and/or for show issue. Can Dr. Price guarantee that all extra copies of SP's cards (ie. with stated print runs) are in fact destroyed once it is determined that no further damage replacements/show issues are required? If so, what is the time frame used? If not, why not?
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    - How many cards produced by ITG featuring a signature of Ken Dryden exist to date?

    - Are the authentic paper cut signatures of Georges Vezina difficult/impossible to find?

    - ITG 's edge over UD is clearly about the market of auto/memorabilia cards of vintage players. UD signed exclusive deals with Gretzky, Crosby and Ovechkin. Why doesn't ITG sign exclusive deals with popular retired players/goalies such as Patrick Roy, Jean Beliveau, Mario Lemieux or Mark Messier?

    P.S. for Luc: There is only 1 version of the ITG Superlative Enshrined Cut Auto 1/1 cards, no Silver version. Like the ITG Ultimate Memorabilia Paper Cuts 1/1 cards... is there a Silver version? No. Same situation for the ITG Superlative Enshrined Cut Auto 1/1 cards. Why this confusion? Do not use lists made by Beckett, they are not accurate.
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    Where does ITG source their game used memorabilia that is used on cards?
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    need more questions (free bump)
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    When will we see more Arturs Irbe cards?

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