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    Wow, great box! Thanks Panini, I think you guys are going to be alright afterall. ;)

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    Awesome box......looks like a nice product! Always have to appreciate only 3 dupes out of a box like that.

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    Nice break and review! Thank you, Panini, for providing this!


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    Sweet box! I like the rookie cards, they look awesome!
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    *Bring me your Rudy Fernandez and George Hill.

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    i have to say i really like panini so far

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    nice break, seems like there is a lot of inserts in this set. i dont like how you can't see the auto well on the johnson, should have had him sign in silver maybe. decent card design, look forward to seeing more of what panini cards will look like.

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    Griffin saved the box. Prestige was one of my favorite football sets in recent years. Glad to see it remains a solid product for basketball. I still wish they would eliminate the multiple colored versions of the same card.

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