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    Need suggestions on selling hockey cards on ebay

    I've never sold cards on ebay before. Should I sell them in 1 large lot or small lots or singles? What do you think I can get for all of them? I'm looking for the cheapest way to do this and still get the most money for them. I'm selling everything in the hockey section.

    If anyone wants to buy some before I list on ebay, let me know.

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    hi how much would you be looking to get for ?
    Milan Hejduk rc
    David Aebisher rc
    Roman Chechmanek rc
    Jani Hurme rc
    Marty Turco rc

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    DEFINITELY sell them separately. Most of the time (especially during summer) there isnt enough hockey card traffic on ebay that people will take the time to look to see what is in your lot, therefore you will not get anywhere near what you would if you sold them separately. Most people on ebay search by name of a player and that wont come up if you sell it as a lot. Its a little more tedious to sell them separately but I think its worth it, I have sold over 2000 cards on ebay and always sell them separately, then the ones that don't sell I will lump together into a lot to sell or sometimes I will throw them in as freebies for the guys in the forum.

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    do you still wanna do the fisk rookie i have for the lacavalier and hossa auto's?

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    i am interested in any marty turco cards. (tha i don't have)



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