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    Question Has any one traded with Streetjammin911

    Im about to make a big trade with him and I need a little self confidence
    Thanks all help will be greatley apprciated

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    Moved this post on over to the Hockey Card Forum... you should get a better response there because the trading forum is just for trades, not discussions.

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    Thanks I appreciate the help LOL
    Now I know for next time
    Thanks ;)

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    Also, if this guy doesn't just do hockey, might want to go for a more global audience and post something in the chit-chat forum or sportscard talk forum.

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    Excellent Idea
    I shall have to do that

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    I shall move it to the sportscard talk for you or chic chat which do you prefer?

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    I think the sportscard talk would be best
    Thanks guys for all your help

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    moved at your request...LOL

    remember if it doesn't feel right, don't do it, and you can always ship with delivery confirmation and Insurance to protect yourself a little, or if it is big enough signature receipt.

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    if you are concerned, pay $1-2 for insurance. That way, you have back up

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