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    Exclamation Mickey Mantle Signed ! LOOKS FAKE TO ME!

    Couple of things caught me on this.

    First thing i notice is the baseball. It looks like a brand new (non leather) baseball.

    Second thing is The "NO.7" ! I've seen about 30 of those with NO.7 inscipted with it and there signed with big letters and he signed them evenly. Kinda looks like a 7 year old wrote that.

    The signature looks funky too The first "M" the m seems to come down to far.

    Well i hate to accuse people of having fake things but this ball stood out to me. Just letting you guys know if you are thinking of buying it i wouldn't. Even know it has coa. Thanks

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    I don't see how it is even possible for a brand new ball to be signed by Mantle? FAKE!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jermstew View Post
    I don't see how it is even possible for a brand new ball to be signed by Mantle? FAKE!
    Yea, but im not sure if its new but im like 99% sure. lol. Just telling SCF not to buy this. Who ever buy this is getting ripped!

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    Yup its fake. CCSA just sold 12 of these same balls. Even comes with a nice COA from Universal Authentic who was named in Operation Bullpen

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    I knew it! lol. Well these guys are rip offs. No one Buy from them!

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    i think its authenticated by him?
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    Certificates of authenticity are not necessarily worth the paper they're printed on. Anybody can issue a certificate of authenticity but in the end it all boils down to how reputable is the seller, how trustworthy is he?

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    It doesn't matter how reputable he is, the autograph is fake

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    I was speaking in general terms, not in reference to the specific Mickey Mantle autograph under discussion.

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    Who ever forged it did a decent job but the ball gives it away. Way to new looking and it's shiny = not leather!
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