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Thread: Thoughts on the 03-04 Cup

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    Thoughts on the 03-04 Cup

    I was just in vegas and put down $200 fo the Avs to win the cup (3-1 odds). What do u think?

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    WHAT You didn't pick the Leafs? LOL

    Well Colorado is my early favorite so far. But after what happened during these playoffs who knows what to expect.

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    Yeah the day before they signed Kariya and Selanne it was 14-1 then BOOM 3-1... One day late. GRRRRRR

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    Is there a way to find out the odds on the Ducks last year? If somebody picked them and they won game 7 they would be very rich.

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    Come on man you shoulda put down a couple $$$ on the Habs!! lol you know what the odds were???

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