SCF Members,

This is YOUR time to tell us how you feel. This is your time to tell us any feedback/suggestions/complaints you may have. I want to get one in before the end of the year to know what we can improve on for the rest of the year and for next year.

For those that have never been a part of one of these there are no worries of other staff members being present as they are not allowed in these discussions. So feel free to bring anything up that is on your mind.

This round table discussion will be held in the SCF Chat Room. The link can be found on the second toolbar from the top of the forum in between the Blogs & SCF IM links.

I look forward to seeing many members there and to have some great discussions with you.

There is a poll for what day/time to do this so please cast your vote NOW! Poll will close on 11/06/2009. Visit the Feedback/Suggestion Forum to vote.
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