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    SCF Basketball reject/didn't make it in time league

    Since I can't make it in and know a couple of other people who won't be able too I decided to test the water on this one.
    League number: 130874
    Will pm you password when you sign up.
    If you don't like any of the rules everything is up for change. 14 slots unless stuff doesn't fill up. This is on fantasy basketball. Here's the link
    0. jeremy- 305MIA
    1.The_man *confirmed*- The_man
    2 GilbertArenas0 *confirmed*-Epic
    3 Bryants *confirmed*-LAL back to back
    4 Selby *confirmed*- Cleveland Rocks
    5 Tarheelsnipe *confirmed*- Salty Dawgs
    6 lostones *confirm*- Canada
    7 xdrew *confirm*- xDrew
    9 eddiejr *confirmed*- Paul to Wright
    10 knuckez *confirmed*- Vermonts Own Big Rig
    11 sportyryan *confirmed*- sportyryan101
    12 jbark *confirmed*-Ausustin
    13 kardkid *confirmed*- Team KardKid
    14 zoomin *confirmed*- walter
    15. Longhorn *confirmed*
    16. nbafan123 *confirmed*

    Prizes donated so far:
    09-10 Rasheed Wallace Championship GU-have
    A.I. 07-08 Beam Team GU-have
    Donta Smith rookie jersey/auto /1999
    Courtney Fells 09/10 draft edition /249
    2007-08 Topps Yi JianlianRC -have
    2005-06 Upper Deck Game Jerseys Donyell MarshallGU-have
    2005-06 UD Trilogy Signs of Stardom Bobby Simmons AU-have
    Will Bynum Bowman Sterling GU
    Corey Maggette Autofocus auto
    Cedric Simmons Bowman Chrome rc auto
    Fran Vasquez Draft Day Moments GU rc auto
    08-09 57-58 variation topps chrome Rudy Gay auto /369-have
    06-07 UD Ovation Eddy Curry GU
    08-09 UD 1st Edition Starquest lot(Jordan, Bird, Magic, Wade etc..)
    David Robinson / Amare Stoudemire SP Dual Threads
    Eric Gordon / Joe Alexander Dual Rookie Threads
    Lamar Odom / Vince Carter Combo Materials
    David Noel 07/08 Artifacts Autofacts
    Mehmet Okur 07/08 UD Game Jersey
    Josh Howard 07/08 Artifacts Divisional Artifacts Jersey /250

    Draft time= Sat Oct 24 3:30pm PDT
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    I'm in, thanks for setting this up for the heartbroken rejects!

    That other league...

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    I'll play if it's auto draft. I don't have time for a long draft.

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    the draft can be auto if you dont want to make it, picks take 1:30 secs, so not a long draft and if someone is not there the computer autodrafts them in 10 secs.

    I'm in thanks the_man :)
    LA Lakers
    UNC Tarheels
    Washington Redskins
    Baltimore Orioles
    I also root for the Yankees/Dodgers

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    If people are willing to Donate prizes we will have them. I don't believe this is qualified as gambling on the league

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    You can put me down.
    Collecting all Cleveland Teams, Bowling Green State Alumni, South Carolina Alumni, Andre Roberts, Mike Kafka and Baron Davis.
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    I will join also.
    Collecting: Kris Bryant, Carlos Correa, and Brook Lopez RCs

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    I think we should let people that don't fit the requirements of the 1st league be able to join up first, since it's the point of the league. No disrespect to those that already signed up for the other league, but give other people a chance to play:)

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    i guess i'll join, lmk the password, thanks.
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    Everything in bucket are for sale (including PC).

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