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    Sportscardforum Rejects/Didnt Make it time league rosters

    Thought i would put this up and then people can vote for who they think will win this year. also feel free to make coments if you would like.

    SCF Username-Team Name-Votes for best team-Votes for worst team

    Lostons- Canada-1-0
    PG- Gilbert Arenas
    SG- Kobe Bryant
    G- O.J Mayo
    SF- Lamar Odom
    PF- Andrea Barginai
    F- Michael Beasley
    C- Zyndrunes Illgaskus
    C- Jermaine O'Neal
    UTIL- Courtny Lee
    UTIL- Anthoney Morrow
    BN- Brandon Jennings
    BN- Jordon Hill
    BN- Quinton Richerdson

    Selby56- Cleveland Rock-0-0
    PG-Joe Johnson
    SG-Ben Gordon
    G-Mo Williams
    SF-Rashard Lewis
    PF-Dirk Nowitzki
    F-Richard Jefferson

    C-Shaquielle O'Neal
    C-Hasheem Thabeet
    UTIL-Kenyon Martin
    UTIL-Allen Iverson
    BN-Andray Blatche
    BN-Roger Mason
    BN-Kyle Korver

    PG-Jameer Nelson
    SG-Andre Igoudala
    G-John Salmons
    SF-Ron Artest
    PF-Amare Stoudemire
    F-Troy Murphy

    C-Tyson Chandler
    C-Kendrick Perkins
    UTIL-T.J Ford
    UTIL-Shane Battier
    BN-Ryan Gomes
    BN-Terrance Williams

    PG-Steve Nash
    SG-Manu Ginnobli
    G-Andre Miller
    SF-Paul Millsap
    PF-Chris Bosh
    F-Elton Brand
    C-Andrew Bogut
    C-Brendan Haywood
    UTIL-Nate Robinson
    UTIL-Larry Hughes
    BN-Nick Young
    BN-Rasuel Butler
    BN-Kellana Azabuike

    PG-Jason Kidd
    SG-Michael Redd
    G-Hedo Turkoglu
    SF-Lebron James
    PF-Gerald Wallace
    F-Josh Howard
    C-Antonio Mcdyss
    C-Nenad Kristic
    UTIL-Mike Miller
    UTIL-Tyrus Thomas

    BN-Peja Stojiakovic
    BN- Carl Landry
    BN- Jamiro Moon

    KardKid74-Team KardKid-0-0
    PG-Brandon Roy
    SG-Caron Butler
    G-Jason Richerdson
    SF-Dejaun Blair
    PF-Anthoney Randolph
    F-Tyler Hansbrough
    C-Javelle McGee
    C-Brad Miller
    UTIL-Leanardo Barbosa
    UTIL-Ray Allen
    BN-Shannon Brown
    BN-Jamal Crawford
    BN-George Hill

    NBAFan123-NBAFan123- SCF -0-0
    PG-Mike Conley
    SG-Delonte West
    G-James Harden
    SF-Danny Granger
    PF-Charlie Vilnueva
    F-Vince Carter
    C-Rasheed Wallace
    C-Andries Biendrens
    UTIL-Randy Foye
    UTIL-Rodney Stuckey
    BN-Antwain Jamison
    BN-Daquen Cook
    BN-Ronny Turiaf

    PG-Devin Harris
    SG-Jason Terry
    G-Chris Duhon
    SF-Rudy Gay
    PF-Al Thorton
    F-Luis Scola
    C-Al Jefferson
    C-Marcus Camby
    UTIL-Mario Chalmers
    UTIL-Rudy Fernandez
    BN-Luc Richerd Mbah a Moute
    BN-Joel Pryzbilla
    BN-Luke Ridnour

    PG-Dwyane Wade
    SG-D.J Augistin
    G-Stephan Jackson
    SF-Blake Griffen
    F-Zach Randolph
    C-Chris Kamen
    C-Darko Millic
    UTIL-Corey Maggete
    UTIL-Ramon Sessions
    BN-Grant Hill
    BN-Joe Alexander
    BN-Nick Collinsion

    PG-Chauncey Billups
    SG-Loul Deng
    G-Baron Davis
    SF-Andrei Kerilenko
    PF-Kevin Garnett
    F-Lamarcus Aldrige
    C-Al Harrington
    C-Andrew Bynum
    UTIL-Yi Jianlian
    UTIL-Louis Williams
    BN-Matt Barnes
    BN-Travis Outlaw
    BN-David Anderson

    Knucklez23-Vermonts Own Big Rig-0-0
    PG-Rajon Rondo
    SG-Monta Ellis
    G-Eric Gordon
    SF-Thadues Young
    PF-David Lee
    F-Ronnie Brewer
    C-Samuel Dalemburt
    C-Dwight Howard
    UTIL-Mike Dunlevey
    UTIL-Marc Gasol
    BN-Danillo Galinari
    BN-Robin Lopez
    BN-Beno Udrih

    PG-Mike Bibby
    SG-Fransico Garcia
    G-Stephan Curry
    SF-Shawn Marion
    PF-Pau Gasol
    F-Tim Duncan
    C-Chris Wilcox
    C-Carlos Boozer
    UTIL-Marvin Williams
    UTIL-Jeff Green
    BN-Jerrad Bayless
    BN-Jarret Jack
    BN-Kirk Hinrich

    PG-Jose Calderon
    SG-Kevin Durant
    G-Wilson Chandler
    SF-Boris Diaw
    PF-Brook Lopez
    F-Mehmet Okur
    C-Udonios Haslem
    C-Al Horford
    UTIL-Jonny Flynn
    UTIL-Rip Hamilton
    BN-Corey Brewer
    BN-Anthoney Parker
    BN-Dermarr Derozan

    Tarheelsnipe-Salty Dawgs-0-0
    PG-Derrick Rose
    SG-Paul Peirce
    G-Tony Parker
    SF-Tayshaun Prince
    PF-Brandon Bass
    F-Chris Anderson
    C-Roy Hibbert
    C-Greg Oden
    UTIL-Brandon Rush
    UTIL-Anderson Varijao
    BN-Emaka Okafor
    BN-Jeff Teague
    BN-Gerald Henderson

    Bryantts-LAL back to back-0-0
    PG-Deron Williams
    SG-Kevin Martin
    G-Russel Westbrook
    SF-Carmelo Anthoney
    PF-Jokiam Noah
    F-Trevor Ariza
    C-Channing Frye
    C-Drew Gooden
    UTIL-Jason Thompsan
    UTIL-Tyreke Evans
    BN-Marrese Speights
    BN-Hakeem Warrck
    BN-Aaron Brooks

    EddieJr-Paul to Wright-2-0
    PG-Chris Paul
    SG-J.R Smith
    G-Raymond Felton
    SF-Josh Smith
    PF-David West
    F-Michael Finley
    C-Ben Wallace
    C-Spencer Hawes
    UTIL-Julian Wright
    UTIL-Tracy Mcgrady
    BN-Rafer Alston
    BN-James Posey
    BN-Kevin Love




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    My vote is for Epic. He's got a heck of a 1-2 punch with Lebron and Turkoglu. Besides, it would be in bad taste for me to vote for my SALTY DAWGS.

    Such a deep draft that it will really come down to those streaky 3rd through 5th round picks. Should be fun!

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    I put the poll up but it didn't go up for some reason

    My vote iis for Paul to Wright his team is just very well rounded
    and if Yao can come back and produce at anywhere close to what hes doing i think we have are winner

    i think this league will be decided unfortuntly by injuires

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    I missed the draft but got bron:) gotta vote for epic on the power of having lebron and nice supporting pieces

    worst goes to 305 MIA

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    Quote Originally Posted by GilbertArenas0 View Post
    I missed the draft but got bron:) gotta vote for epic on the power of having lebron and nice supporting pieces

    worst goes to 305 MIA
    forgot to say cant vote for yourslef

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    Best: LAL Back 2 Back
    Worst: Longhorns (sorry with your best player out for an undetermined time you're not gonna win that much for a while)

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    Ok I don't no what your talking they said he will be fine for the opener...

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    thanks for the votes guys, i was ecstatic to say the least when i realized i had the first pick & was able to draft Paul. getting Wright was the icing on the cake for me

    im trying to drop yao though, i fully forgot he was gonna be out for the season
    i have a C slot open being that Love is gonna be out for the first 6 weeks or so

    my vote for best goes to Lostones, his team is the one id want if i didnt have mine
    worst id say Longhorns

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