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Thread: pack break

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    pack break

    saw an opened box of dynagon ice in a corner store here in town
    2.00 a pack, so i bought half a dozen just to see
    pulled a
    #3 mike fisher short print RC -- premium date #18/63
    also a #68 mike modano -- copper -- #86/99
    a #36 jarome iginla -- ice blue -- #30/67
    was tempted to buy more but figgered there couldn't be much left in the box --
    anyways if anybody is interested in these cards LMK
    maybe we can work something out altho i really like the fisher card
    ottawa -- the next die nasty.

  2. Kronozio
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    i'm intrested in the 68 mike modano -- copper -- #86/99

    What do you want for it?

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    i was mailing cards out to you today and saw these packs as i waited in line to buy the stamps. weird eh
    the card books around 32.00
    i would like maybe a spezza or bowmeester, chistov rc
    someone like that

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    east of toronto bout an hour
    father is from boston
    but i've lived all across canada

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