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Thread: Need FF Advice

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    Need FF Advice

    I have some choices to make this week seem hard for me decide on so look some feedback from you guys see you think.

    1. I need choose 1 rb between these guys.
    Steve Slaton Hou RB @Ind (Kill me last week -1)
    Tim Hightower Ari RB @Chi
    LeSean McCoy Phi RB Dal
    Rashard Mendenhall, Pit RB @Den

    2. Which of these Te should I pick up as starter for my team this only spot hurting bad at atm. I recently pick up Cooley off waivers last week so I need something untell he comes back.

    Waiver Te

    Kellen Winslow, TB TE
    Benjamin Watson, NE TE
    Zach Miller, Oak TE
    Todd Heap, Bal TE
    Greg Olsen, Chi TE
    Marcedes Lewis, Jac TE
    Tony Scheffler, Den TE
    Kevin Boss, NYG TE P
    Fred Davis, Was TE
    Bo Scaife, Ten TE (Considering this might be best option?)

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    RB - Tim Hightower, he is more involved than Beanie at this point

    TE - Todd Heap, Flacco likes to throw it and Heap is a Red Zone Option for him. After that would probably be Winslow then Olson. Winsolow may benefit this week if Freeman get's in there because Winslow could be a safety net for the Rookie QB.

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    Anyone else can help me some advice on this?

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    I haven't checked on Westbrook, but if he's still out I would go LeSean. If not, probably Hightower. I would hold off on Slaton until you see how much Moats' good performance Sunday will take away carries from Slaton.

    TE, I'd go Winslow.

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    Slaton concen me one week have him bench put up 18 points with fumble then next week start him get kill by starting him give me -1.

    Think I should maybe try trade a rb for Te or can I be ok with wire pick up from list might be ok go with untell Cooley comes back? My other Rb I have Gore,Thomas Jones,Pireee Thomas so I pretty stock at that position.

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    1. hightower

    2. Any of these pick ups could be good. I'd probably lean towards Heap.

    Kellen Winslow, TB TE
    Todd Heap, Bal TE
    Greg Olsen, Chi TE
    Tony Scheffler, Den TE

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