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    Just made a blockbuster trade-how did I do?

    I just traded Roddy White and Steve Breaston for Marques Colston and T.J. Houshmanzadeh. I think it was a good trade because White and Colston are about equal while I think TJ is a lot better then Breaston

    Current Players Now:
    QBs: Matt Ryan and Brett Favre
    RBs: Steven Jackson, Ray Rice, Ronnie Brown, and Jamaal Charles
    WRs: Colston, Houshmanzadeh, Collie, Cotchery, Owens
    TEs: Tony Gonzalez
    D/ST: Vikings
    K: Scobee

    Starting Lineup:
    QB Ryan/Favre Dep. on Weeks
    Rb Steven Jackson
    RB Ray Rice
    Rb/Wr Ronnie Brown
    WR Marques Colston
    WR TJ Housh
    WR Cotchery/Collie/Owens
    TE Tony Gonzalez

    How do you think I did? It is a 1 point per reception league as well

    Also, do you think I should trade Ronnie Brown for Greg Jennings and Buckhalter, or Ronnie for Jennings straight up? Please let me know your thoughts, thanks

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    yeah, not a bad trade. TJ has the potential for much better numbers than breaston.

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    Yeah definitely a good trade...a #1 and a #3 for two #1s. I wouldn't trade Ronnie though. Since you can start 3 RBs, I'd make sure I always had 3 solid ones, which you do now. Charles might turn out good, might not...I think your WR situation is more set than your RBs right now. One of Cotchery, Collie, or TO should be able to fill the 3 spot each week just fine.

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    Yea thats my thinking now, OnePimpTiger, thanks. Like I think if Cotchery can be healthy like he was for the first 4 weeks, he will be huge in this PPR league like he was in the first 4 weeks

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