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    Please come take these soccer cards off my hands - don't want much!!!!


    I've got a stack of soccer cards here that I want to get rid of, and you seem like the guy to come to. Here's what I've got, and I don't know anything about them. If you want players listed, I can do that; just let me know.

    1994 Upper Deck World (probably have b/w 80-100)
    Names that I've heard of from the stack:
    Wayne Gretzky (honorary captain)
    mia hamm

    1991 Pacific Indoor Soccer (12)
    don't know any names

    1995 SI for Kids
    Joy Fawcett
    roy wegerle
    tisha venturini
    alexi lalas

    I would trade this stack for ANYTHING american football, baseball, or basketball. I just want to get rid of them. Please take them off my hands! Thanks!


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    Ill take em brad- have any teams or players you like? Ill find ya something for them, Ive been after a starter set of 94 UD World Cup for a while

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