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    PGI Grading...

    Anyone ever heard of them or used them before. I have all of my cards graded by either Beckett or PSA but I am interested in buying a card that has been graded a PGI 10. I am leary because I have never heard of this grading company & do not know their policies as to trimmed or stain treated cards. Any help would be appreciated!


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    I heard of that company before. It seems like they are consistent with their grading, but if it's not BGS, PSA, or SGC, they are basically unrecognized by the industry. You'd probably have a hard time trading or selling back that card.
    In baseball I'm collecting PSA 3.5 and above T206's, ungraded tobacco era cards, 1930's Goudey, and pre 1950 Bowman
    In boxing, i'm collecting PSA 5 and above 1948 Leaf
    In MMA, I am looking for 2010 Leaf Autographs

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    Thanks man! My intention is to buy it & then have it graded by a recognized company.

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