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Thread: How Much Does Grading Cost?

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    How Much Does Grading Cost?

    Hey guys I want to get some vintage cards graded. It would be about 5. I heard that you have to pay a lot for shipping. I really want to get graded by PSA but dont you need to buy a membership? Would Beckett Vintage be a better choice? Thanks guys

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    Yea, you need to buy a membership. Occasionally a group of the PSA board members will submit cards together and you could try to join them (I have never done this but if I had any to grade I would).

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    I think I am probably going to go with BVG. Has anybody done this before?

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    Also, check your local card shop. The one around here will let you piggy back on things they send in at a much cheaper price than sending yourself. Of course, you have to trust your local shop owner.
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    PSA is owned by pcgs which i dont know if they do this in the card world but the main owners make sure that no coins get graded higher than theres so they stay rare.........

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    if you are grading them for pc then go with BVG if possibly selling them PSA is better due to collectors registries

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    Quote Originally Posted by indycolts900 View Post
    I think I am probably going to go with BVG. Has anybody done this before?
    My experiences with BVG have been pretty good. They seem to grade pretty close to my expectations but they do not provide detailed grading as with BGS. I personally like SGC with older white boardered card because the black insert makes the card "pop".

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