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Thread: FW Spezza auto RC for sale

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    Cool FW Spezza auto RC for sale

    Hi I have a personally pack pulled
    SP Authentic #191
    Jason Spezza FW auto RC
    That I would like to sell
    but not on ebay
    Make an offer.
    Thanks, Mark

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    LOL I'm hope i can get a little bit more then that:(
    Its the SP Authentic
    #191 Spezza Future Watch Autographed RC BV$150

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    damn,i, would you be interested in trading it, or part trade part money?

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    a full trade you would have to convince me
    with a great deal
    a trade and cash I'm more open to

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    check your pm's and see if you wanna do that trade and then try to work something out for the spezza

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    I'd like that card as well. I have no problem with atrade or a trade with cash. What are you looking for?

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    hey fedorov im interested in the bertuzzi jersey u have, what do u want for it

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