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    Question Hockey Forum Regulars, show & tell: YOU!

    Always like to put a face with a name and thought this would be fun. Let's see some of our members.

    I'll start, so here is your resident Rob Blake and (one of many) die-hard Kings fan.

    EDIT: Added a recent picture of me and Austin, your resident Kopitar fan!
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    I can't help it, it's happening....


    Oh, "Happy Days"!
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    Quote Originally Posted by HockeyCardsPlus View Post
    LOL. He was great to meet. Very Personable.
    I bet he was, most of the older generation comedians are really awesome in person.

    True story...Henry Winkler emulated Sylvester Stallone to pull off thee Fonzie role.
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    This is me and the gf at the MGM Grand last weekend for Frozen Fury XIV, the Kings / Avs annual tilt........we saw 4 other Canucks fans there, amidst a sea of hostile Kings jerseys, o what fun!!!!

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    My wife Meghan and I at our first Leafs game.

    I actually got chosen to play a game on the ice at intermission!

    First passion: Football!

    Sacking QBs!

    and coaching
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    Me in July when my hair was short-

    Me in October, getting ready for practice in my practice jersey (of course!)

    No good pics of me with my current long hair, sorry friendos! (not like you guys care, lolz.)

    Shades of my brother, VanekSnipes.
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    Took me a while, but I just noticed this thread haha.

    The most recent picture of me from a couple days ago:

    The missus and I a couple summers ago:

    I, Eric Spiece!

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    Just a rookie on here so not quite a regular yet. I've been collecting since I was a kid and now approaching 50 so pretty big collection. Here is a picture of me from 98 All-Star game in Vancouver. Guess which one is me(hint-I am not a female) Now live in Ontario so here is a more recent picture with me and all my graded cards. Little bit older and a little bit larger.
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    A awesome pic of bobby and a great auto on the program. I assume most of those graded cards are key rc's? Thanks for sharing.

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    Yes Don, I have three fully graded sets including the 54-55 Topps set. Lots of rookie cards in those. Bobby is one of the nicest famous people I have ever met. Very genuine person with no ego. Was a pleasure to meet him. He actually remembered me the next day. Also met Eric Lindros that weekend. Can't say the same about him.
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    Looking for 01-02, 02-03 BTP memorabilia

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