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    A pic of my wife and I from my Mom's wedding in September...

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    Great idea Barrie

    Her I am with Billy Smith

    And my little ones (about a year ago)

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    Here's a brief video I took this afternoon in an attempt to spice up this post. Kind of a brutal still shot of me there, so if you could please click on the vid... :)

    I wasn't sure about the audio, so you can definitely tell that I'm forcing it (yelling) somewhat.

    - Paul

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    Quote Originally Posted by geschrocks33 View Post
    Don, I want your Roy jersey lol
    I have a Vanek jersey as well. Not interested in that one? Roy I will keep if I ever get it autographed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by doniceage View Post
    I have a Vanek jersey as well. Not interested in that one? Roy I will keep if I ever get it autographed.

    Nah you could get Vanek jerseys in any sports store around here, including the one I work in lol

    Wanted a Roy jersey my whole life, particularly an Avs one. Don't want a Canadiens one, just Avs, which are impossible to find in this area.

    And way to spice it up Paul, nicely done
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    Me outside GreenHell it's the old name on the resturant at Nürburgring in Germany.

    Me siting inside my Porsche 964 RS -92...

    Still in Nürburg... :)

    Me driving the car...

    Driving at SPA in Belgium....
    And yes the Ferrari dident have a qlu what to do to keep up whit me...

    Have a lot of more pictures of me and my car, but You could alwas look when im driving:

    Yes il know how to drive... ;)

    By the way GREAT thread!!! :)
    /Jimmy Särås
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    Bring that puppy to Minnesota in the winter, Jimmy, and I'll smoke you in my '89 Buick LeSabre.

    I don't know if I'd call myself a regular, but here's me with Glen "Chico" Resch at Tom Reid's Hockey Pub...

    and me with the ol' lady last summer at Soundset '09...

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    Guys, awesome stuff so far, love putting faces with names.

    Nice to see so many of you with your significant others or kids, those are great pictures.

    Jimmy, man, you got all kinds of toys buddy! I am gonna have to take you up on that laps around the track when I come over to Europe.

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    Hi, here is a photo of my son and me from the beginning of this season. He is 11 years old, playing for 4th season now as goalie and I coach goalies in His Team. We also had the opportunity to meet Corey Crawford in Helsinki Premier NHL game this year, so my son collects also His cards now! My collection is all about J-S Giguere (1122 / 1410 cards so 80&#37; now, without 1/1 cards)

    Our webpage shows all the wantlist:
    And here are some parts of Our collection:

    Marko and Niko, Finland
    My webpage with wantlist and traders:
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