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    Impressive that he has gotten into hockey this early. I got into hockey only 4-5 years ago.
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    Well I guess I can post my Pic, better later than neer

    here i am with my wife and twin daughters

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    great pics everyone. where are the rest of the ladies! i can think of a few more in this forum off hand besides the lovely ones who have already posted here! have a great 2010!
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    Quote Originally Posted by gomaz View Post
    This is me. I'm the guy without hair. If you don't know the guy with the hair, you should!

    Cool! You met Phil Esposito, because I really wanted to meet him also at the Bonsor show, until I found out that I had to pay 40-50 dollars to get an autograph.
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    I collect: Adam Larsson, Mason Raymond and Matt Duchene

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    I wouldnt say Im a "regular" here (as per the OP), but I do check in from time to time.

    Heres me in Cardiff with Joe Calzaghe the day before he fought Mikkel Kessler. Clazaghe retired undefeated last year.

    Heres me late last year in Africa (Burundi) overlooking Lake Tanganiyka
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    Let's keep this thread going and see more pics people :)
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    Heres two of me and my fiance about to attend free shane doan bobblehead night

    thats us about 100 yards from the entrance to the arena, It is a really fun place before and after a game

    and inside

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    well her ya go if anyone wants to chat I will be there Friday or Saturday

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    Finally got around to looking through my pics to find a decent one. Here I am stitting in an airplane engine :)

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