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    heres a pic of your local pens collector with mamma dukes (my mom)

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    collecting penguins/stamkos

    09-10 spa fw patch autos/100 53/56

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    C'mon folks, post up pictures of you. There are a LOT of regulars not showing their mug.

    My son Austin's Anze Kopitar
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    Very cool Barrie! We've got quite a crew here. "Your Mine and Ours" we have 5 boys!

    Me at Torrey Pines '09 Buick Invitational

    My Beautiful Wife - Our Wedding back in the day...

    Blair (#3) and Taylor (#2) @ a Pens game

    Dillon (#1) at Parris Island MRTC on Graduation Day

    Dillon and My Dad - Two Marines

    Me and Jalen (#4) Chillin in Pittsburgh

    Me rolling in the Up Armored Humvee coming back from "O"nauguaration duty in D.C.

    And Me and Brandon (#5) at a Pens game (go figure...)

    And the JRT's Finnegan and Molly

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    This past July my older brother and I took a backpack camping trip to one of the most isolated and least visited National Parks in North America. Isle Royale is a 200 square mile island in the middle of Lake Superior, roughly 55 miles off the coast of Michigan and 15 miles SE off the Coast of Thunder Bay, Ontario. It was a trip that my brother and I had been planning for at least 10 years, but something always came up that kept us from going.

    With the exception of some modern facilities in the harbors at each end of the island, the entire park is primitive. If you were lucky, you were one of the first ones to make it in to camp each night and snag one of the screened in wooden shelters to get some relief from the mosquitoes. Over the course of the 6 day trip we hiked the entire length of the island, which worked about to be about 48 miles carrying 50lbs of gear and food. Despite the extra weight, we made sure to pack in our Red Wings flag and proudly display it in camp each night. Here are a few picks we took along the way.

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    Staying with the Wings theme... me at the equator in Uganda in a Probert shirt.;

    PayPal available for Probert cards from Superlative 2.

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    Absolutely love the Wing's pictures!

    RIP Probert
    Michigan State >>> University of Michigan

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    My wife, Olivia and me at Camp Sunshine in Sebago Lake, ME this summer during DBA week.

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    April 09 - Me with Ranford's Prize - the 'real' Cup was there that day too - they said the one that travels around with players and to events is only at the Hall of Fame about 2 weeks out of the year so it was pretty cool that it was there that day.

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    Thats me in the middle goin to an Air Force Hockey Game with some friends

    In addition to collecting cards I coach highschool soccer and we won the 2010 Colorado State Championship!!!
    Wants-Dallas cowboys, San Antonio Spurs, Texas Longhorns, Buybacks, Colorado Avalanche
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