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Thread: 1980 USA Hockey Team TTM

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    I still read it. And steve janiszack or craig patrick are easiest

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    everyone still reads this, this is probably one of the best projects to try. I'm still waiting on my photo to come back from Mark Johnson from back in September. He will be my 13th sig on the team photo.

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    question for those sending out hockey pucks. Do you send usps? and how many stamps do you use? Once I'm done with the photo I am going to try for everyone on a puck as well.

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    I just started this project with a photo a few weeks back for Eruzino and Christoff done already. Still use this glad its back in the top of the boards

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    Many thanks everyone. I think it will be Craig next for #2! Thanks everyone. Is there any of the guys that I should not send to? (In fear of not getting my photo back)

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    I sent out to Dave silk in march and never heard back. It was two different pics, 14 sigs on one and 12 on another. I just restarted the project.
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    Wow, that must be frustrating to have 14 and 12 on a photo only to not get it back from Silk. I notice some of the entries here, they offered 20 bucks or so, is it a better bet with some of the guys to offer them something for signing an item, or just a waste of $20. By the way...Merry Christmas everyone!

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    Silk made a public appearance and signed at the CT Whale game -- has anyone had any luck with him TTM in 2013?

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    I just got back from Mark Johnson. Sent it out in Sept. I have 13 sigs on my photo now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bball15fan View Post
    Finally finished with my pucks. Got all the players.
    Awesome collection...Rick
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