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    garnett_21's Xmas Contest #2 - Guess the High Scorer - Christmas Special!

    This contest is very simple - all you have to do is pick the high scorer in each of the listed games, all played on Christmas Day, and if you are correct, you win!

    The games are:

    Boston Celtics @ Orlando Magic
    Cleveland Cavaliers @ Los Angeles Lakers

    1) Open to all members, including SCF staff
    2) One guess per game, per member. No editting of posts!
    3) Deadline for both games is December 25th, 2009 at 1:00 PM CST.
    4) Your guess must consist of (1) player per game. Please also post how many points you think they will score. This will be used as a tiebreaker, if necessary. If a tiebreaker is needed, the winner will be the person who comes closest to the exact number without going over; if that is not applicable, then we will go by closest with going over. An example entry would be:

    BOS @ ORL - Brian Scalabrine, 95 points
    CLE @ LAL - Adam Morrison, 113 points

    5) In order to give to as many members as possible, if you have already won one of my Christmas contests, you are ineligible to win this. If one member wins two contests, the contest that he/she is closest to getting right will be the contest he/she wins. The other contest that said member won would go to the 2nd place participant (or whichever place is the first participant to not have won a contest). If contest winner cannot be determined by the first option, I will just pick randomly which contest member would win. This is all subject to changing, but one member cannot win two contests.
    6) Winner will receive a random card of mine. It may be an insert, a numbered card, a rookie card, or some other sort of card. It will be mailed in a PWE in order to save on shipping so I can run several contests. Also, there will be two winners for this contest, as stated above.

    Thanks & good luck!
    Kevin Garnett collector - own 1539 (22.8%) different! Always looking for more!

    Collecting Minnesota Timberwolves, Chicago Bulls, and Minnesota Wild too!

    "Anything is possible" - Kevin Garnett

    Looking for: 2009-10 Limited Jumbo Kevin Garnett /10 square swatch AND jersey number swatch.

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    BOS @ ORL - Paul Pierce, 28 points
    CLE @ LAL - Kobe "Black Mamba" Bryant, 35 points
    Collecting GU/Patches/Autos: Dodgers, UCLA, Kobe Bryant, Joe Johnson, and Matt Ryan

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    BOS@ORL Vince Carter - 31 Points
    CLE@LAL Kobe Bryant - 28 Points

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    BOS@ORL Paul Pierce - 32 Points
    CLE@LAL Lebron James - 36 Points
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    BOS@ORL Dwight Howard 31 points
    CLE@LAL Kobe Bryant 42 points

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    Bos@Orl - Dwight Howard 22
    Cle@LAL - Lebron James 39
    No more international shipping for me with the new shipping rates, sorry.

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    BOS @ ORL - Paul Pierce, 26 points
    CLE @ LAL - Kobe Bryant, 38 points
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    Collecting: VINCENT JACKSON, UBALDO JIMENEZ, CHAUNCEY BILLUPS, and other Rockies, Nuggets and Vikings

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    BOS @ ORL - Ray Allen, 30 Points
    CLE @ LAL - Kobe Bryant, 32 Points

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