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    Unofficial Fantasy Basketball Week 9 Disscussion/Write-up

    Couldn't think of anything cool :(, could use some new contest ideas. PS Paul you going down!

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    please see next post
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    How about a contest for the team with the top non-competitive statistical category.

    FG %, FT %, 3 PT %, AST/TO ratio, etc. That's 4 weeks of contests right there.

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    Hmmmmm that's a good idea, I think I'll start that next week, thanks for the idea again

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    Dang it Jameer Nelson came back tonight and they let the injury marker on him so I didn't know

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    by the end of the season, whoever beats "the_man" by the most should win a special prize, haha

    I think I'm in the lead right now : )

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    LOL, next week hopefully if stuff doesn't get in the way like this week I'll be putting up the contest schedule, that would be an interesting one :)

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    WOW... Kevin Love with 15 boards at the half
    he's been playing beastly since coming back from the injury

    i wonder how much he'll finish with

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