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    360 - rockets19

    I've been playing Battlefield Bad Company 2 online.
    WTB Tom Brady, Tedy Bruschi, & Jackie Bradley Jr
    2008 Topps Chrome Baseball colored Refractors, colored Autos, & #'d Inserts
    2008 Topps Chrome Football Autos, colored Refractors,
    & #'d Inserts

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    xbox-R DOG 31
    Check My Bucket At-Hidden Content
    I treat all my cards with respet and I hope you do to.

    I don't save cards for you, first come, first serve.

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    PorkChopLuvin - PS3 (look for me on the new Call of Duty)
    89' Topps %99.62 (789/792)
    09' Topps (423/660)

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    Xbox:: Amob Of Orphans
    Games:: Madden Ultimate Team, Fifa Ultimate Team (selling teams for PP if anyone wants to buy), Halo 4

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    If this thread is still alive. Xbox Live- Falloutman1212
    I love to play Fallout 3, left 4 dead, and skyrim
    Supercollecting any Justin Upton I do not have
    SCF's youngest member here

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    Find me on Xbox One, usually playing Call of Duty...
    Interested in the following cards:

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    Anyone play Destiny on PS4? AgntOrange_187
    Andy & The Boys
    Steve Largent Auto, HOF Autos, HOF Inserts, Jarvis Landry, Joe Flacco Auto...Wants changing daily!

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