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Thread: My New York Knicks Collection

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    My New York Knicks Collection *1/8/10 updates*

    So I decided to start a NYK collection. Hopefully, I'll be recognized as a super collector 1 day. I've decided I only want cards of Knicks in NYK uniforms. So here's all my autographs. All of these are either box/pack pulled. The Ewings are from eBay.

    06'07 Fleer Hot Prospects Nate Robinson "Sweet Selections" Autograph Jersey Card #22/25

    05'06 SPX David Lee Autograph Jersey RC #133/1,499

    05'06 Trilogy Walt Frazier "Auto Focus" Autograph Card

    03'04 Exquisite Patrick Ewing "Exquisite Patches" Autograph Patch Card #80/100 (3 colors)

    07'08 SP Authentic Wilson Chandler Autograph Patch RC #198/599

    07'08 Topps Letterman Wilson Chandler Autograph Letterman RC #7/33

    07'08 Topps Luxury Box Wilson Chandler Autograph Jersey Parallel RC #27/39

    06'07 SPX Renaldo Balkman Autograph Dual Jersey RC #881/1,199

    06'07 SP Authentic Channing Frye, Mardy Collins & Renaldo Balkman "Sign of the Times Triple" Autograph Card #10/10

    08'09 Premier Bill Bradley "Premier Stitchings" Patch Card #16/50
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    1997 Fleer Patrick Ewing "23KT Gold" Card #104/10,000

    08'09 Exquisite David Lee Base Card #44/125

    Not bad considering I haven't been trying to collect Knicks stuff. I still need to take pics of all my jersey cards & parallel base cards. I'll keep adding to this post as I get more cards. Happy New Year!!
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    Awesome Knicks stuff to start the collection!

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    Very nice NYK collection, the Patrick Ewing exquisite is still very jaw dropping!

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    Sick start!!! Again I LOVE the ewing patch auto!!!!!

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    1-2-10, So I've found & uploaded all my NYK memorabilia cards. I forgot about Slavko Vranes, lol. Does that mean anything to any of you or do you think I'm speaking gibberish? lol!

    03'04 Fleer Tradition Slavko Vranes "Hats Off" Draft Night Hat RC #131/180

    (back numbering)

    04'05 Fleer Tradition Allan Houston, Stephon Marbury & Jamal Crawford "Tip-Off Trios" Triple Jersey Card #60/75

    06'07 SPX Eddy Curry & Channing Frye "Winning Combos (lol @ name)" Dual Jersey Card

    06'07 Topps Luxury Box Stephon Marbury & Steve Francis "Courtside" Dual Jersey Parallel Card #24/49

    06'07 Trilogy Channing Frye & Renaldo Balkman "Generations - Present and Future" Dual Jersey Card #43/50

    03'04 Black Diamond Charlie Ward "Single Diamond" Jersey Card (my 2nd fav.)

    03'04 Topps Bazooka Michael Sweetney "Bazooka Beginnings" Jersey RC

    03'04 Topps Jersey Edition Michael Sweetney "2003 Draft Stitching Standout Selection" Patch RC

    06'07 SP Game-Used John Starks "Legendary Fabrics" Jersey Card #96/100 (my favorite!!)

    05'06 Hardcourt Nate Robinson "Hardcourt Rookies" Jersey RC #231/250 (Nate the Great just put up 41 points off the bench in a win @ Atlanta!!!)

    08'09 Upper Deck Zach Randolph "UD Game Jersey" Jersey Card
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    06'07 Sweet Shot Stephon Marbury "Sweet Stitches" Jersey Card

    05'06 Rookie Debut Allan Houston "Debut Threads" Jersey Card

    09'10 Topps Al Harrington "Roundball Remnants" Jersey Card

    07'08 Artifacts Channing Frye "NW-Divisional" Jersey Card #174/250

    06'07 Sweet Shot Steve Francis "Sweet Stitches" Gold Parallel Jersey Card #23/50

    Thats it for jersey cards. I'll be looking for all my numbered parallel base cards of NYK players. Sooooo happy about Nate's return.
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    Nice cards! Great collection! Nice to have another team collector on the boards!

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    Quote Originally Posted by whalechaser View Post
    Nice cards! Great collection! Nice to have another team collector on the boards!
    Thanks! Your Bulls PC is overwhelming. That Pippen is amazing, I need to give it another look when I have some free time. I still need to upload more stuff..

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    Sick collection. I love the Robinson. He went off last night!

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