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Thread: My New York Knicks Collection

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    My New York Knicks Collection *1/8/10 updates*

    So I decided to start a NYK collection. Hopefully, I'll be recognized as a super collector 1 day. I've decided I only want cards of Knicks in NYK uniforms. So here's all my autographs. All of these are either box/pack pulled. The Ewings are from eBay.

    06'07 Fleer Hot Prospects Nate Robinson "Sweet Selections" Autograph Jersey Card #22/25

    05'06 SPX David Lee Autograph Jersey RC #133/1,499

    05'06 Trilogy Walt Frazier "Auto Focus" Autograph Card

    03'04 Exquisite Patrick Ewing "Exquisite Patches" Autograph Patch Card #80/100 (3 colors)

    07'08 SP Authentic Wilson Chandler Autograph Patch RC #198/599

    07'08 Topps Letterman Wilson Chandler Autograph Letterman RC #7/33

    07'08 Topps Luxury Box Wilson Chandler Autograph Jersey Parallel RC #27/39

    06'07 SPX Renaldo Balkman Autograph Dual Jersey RC #881/1,199

    06'07 SP Authentic Channing Frye, Mardy Collins & Renaldo Balkman "Sign of the Times Triple" Autograph Card #10/10

    08'09 Premier Bill Bradley "Premier Stitchings" Patch Card #16/50
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    Wow, wow, wow. What an impressive haul. I saw several I was keeping an eye on that you had already picked up. Keep up the fantastic work.


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    12/19/11 - I have loads and loads of other cards to show off but I just got this one in, and had to show/add it here. Never knew this card existed, I absolutely love it. And my first Olajuwon auto..

    08'09 UD Black Patrick Ewing & Hakeem Olajuwon "Inscriptions-Dual" Auto. #5/10
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    Wow impressive collection keep it up, love the dual Ewing and Hakeem auto. Btw you are officially the first other Guyanese person i have seen in this hobby.

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    that is a heck of a dual auto!!! congrats on the pick up....glad to see an update of your thread man :)

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    Nice dual. Glad to see you share at least one new pickup! :D

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    Beautiful card. An absolute gem.

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    11~12~12 Update. It has been a long, LONG time since I had an update. I have so many new, now old additions that I've already put away. But here are my latest batch of Knicks pick ups. BTW, the NY Knicks are currently undefeated sitting atop the Eastern Conference at 4-0! Upcoming 3 game road trip, starting tomorrow @ORL, @SA, @MEM

    Memorabilia Cards:

    #15/25(This is definitely one of my new favorite cards in the collection, glad I was able to get 1 of these)

    and a different view..

    STAT #49/49

    STAT (I really like the design of these "Gamers" memorabilia cards, hope to get all the Knicks from the set)


    Larry Hughes gold parallel #135/150

    Patrick Ewing #27/200

    (I thought these "inside the numbers" memorabilia cards were designed nicely as well)


    Autograph Cards:

    #43/49 (My first and most likely only auto of Bibby in a NYK uni.)

    #10/99 (my first auto of Tyson in a NYK uniform, and on-card to boot)

    (My first Bdiddy auto in a NYK uniform, I think there is another 1 out there as well)



    (The first Mase auto [as far as I know], thanks a lot for getting this guy to sign Panini. Now just try and get Spree & Derek Harper!)

    (My first Novak auto in a NYK uni.)

    (My first Shump autos, can't wait for him to return!!!)

    #21/149 (My first JR auto in a NYK uniform, I think there is another 1 out there as well)


    Dual Autograph Card:

    #19/60 (Did you know Ernie's son, Kiki, also played for the Knicks? There are 2 other sets of father & sons who played for the Knicks, can you guess who the other 2 are?)

    Autograph Memorabilia Cards:



    #85/99 (Got this at a card show @ Hofstra University, good deal on it too I think)

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