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Thread: Alex Goligoski

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    Alex Goligoski

    Here are my current wants:

    08/09 OPC Retro Rainbow
    08/09 OPC Retro Blank Back
    08/09 MVP Gold Scripts
    08/09 MVP Super Scripts
    08/09 UD Young Gun UD Exclusives
    08/09 UD Young Gun High Gloss
    08/09 UD Clearcut Rookie
    08/09 UD Black Letterman - L,I,G,S,K,I (letters needed)
    08/09 Ultimate Collection NHL Shields Rookie Autographs #122
    08/09 The Cup Gold
    08/09 The Cup #/25
    08/09 The Cup Black 1/1
    08/09 Printing Plates
    09/10 OPC Retro Rainbow
    09/10 OPC Retro Blank Back
    09/10 UD Series 2 Base
    09/10 UD Series 2 Exclusive
    09/10 UD Series 2 HG
    09/10 Victory Base
    09/10 Victory Gold
    09/10 Victory Black
    09/10 Victory Finnish
    09/10 Victory Swedish

    Lmk if you have any of these or any others that I may not have.
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    I have:

    Goligoski 08/09 UD Ice Fresh Threads (Black/ white swatch-one of each on card)
    Goligoski 08/09 The Cup RC Auto /249 (Black Patch Swatch)
    Goligoski 08/09 UD Black Lettermen Auto Patch /399 "I"

    Looking for Pens in return, preferably Maxime Talbots for my PC.

    LMK via PM.

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    lmk if you need any of these, I collect MacInnis...trying to make my first trade on here :-)

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    hallo i have Patch 8/10 certified ...

    only fs, sorry

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    i have a spx rookie auto jsy available...
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    I trade/buy/sell by MV, while respecting YV (my value, your value) thank you.
    Collecting Stamkos, Toews, Crosby, Tavares Rookies

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    I have the "O" 08/09 Black Letterman Rookie Auto for sale on eBay or for trade on here.

    As well as his Trilogy Rookie and Black Diamond Rookie for trade.


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    Nothing special but I do have a 2008-09 Upper Deck MVP Goligoski Rookie Card available if anyone is interested. I'm looking to try and fill out my 2008-09 Upper Deck MVP collection and Goligoski is a double so PM if your interested.

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