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Thread: Riggs TTM Thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by buck1982 View Post
    Nice Peppers. I meant to send to him and never did it. Russell probably did not put a year for the HOF because he is not it. He is in the college basketball hall of fame though
    Thanks, I asked for "2011 HOF" to match the College HOF year so who knows. Just glad to get it back.

    Quote Originally Posted by gojacks View Post
    Nice Peppers! He is a great dude.
    Thanks, thrilled to get it back.

    __________________________________________________ _________________________________________

    Few returns to report.

    RTS from Steve Rogers. appears he may have moved recently. Will try his new address.

    Bobby Engram 3/3, out 12-22, back 1-18. sent c/o pitt athletic department.

    Dane Iorg 3/3, out 1-7, back 1-18. added "2x W.S. CHAMP" as requested.

    Sam Cassell 3/3, out 1-5, back 1-18. nice return from a 3x NBA Champion.

    Dwight Hicks 3/3, out 1-5, back 1-19. great return from a 2x champion & 4x pro bowler.

    Chad Brown 3/3, out 1-5, back 1-19. added " 3x PRO BOWL" as requested to one.

    Chris Pronger 2/2, out 1-2, back 1-19. Great Hockey return.

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    Killer day today... with 1 rts

    RTS from Leo Cardenas, sent 1-12. Just seen some successes as soon as the 14th from that address so who knows.

    Now the goods..

    Juan Berenguer 3/3, out 1-14, back 1-22. nice return from a 2x world series champ.

    Mike Ramsey 3/3, out 1-12, back 1-22. part of the 1980's Olympic gold team also a 4x all star. Not sure about the choice of sharpie but still a success

    Jim Fregosi 3/3, out 1-14, back 1-22. very nice return. completes the duel with Buck.

    Kenny Carr 2/2, out 1-14, back 1-22. member of the 76 Olympic gold team

    Jeff Cirillo 2/2, out 1-14, back 1-22. 2x all star.

    Ed McCaffrey 2/2, out 11-24, back 1-22. added "3X S.B. CHAMPS" to one as requested. great return.

    Geoff Petrie 1/2, out 1-14, back 1-22. kept 1, signed the other with pen. Looks terrible.

    Jim Bunning 2/2, out 1-5, back 1-22. great return from a HOFer

    Pat Sullivan 1/2, out 12-22, back 1-22. no donation sent. Thrilled to add this Heisman trophy winner to the collection.

    Matt Schaub 2/2, out 6-6-12, back 1-22. feels good to get a return back thats been out so long. Great additon to the football collection.

    Matt Kalil 2/2, out 6-5-12, back 1-22. like the Schaub, this has been out awhile. I've said it before & i'll say it again, this year has been amazing for TTM for NFL rookies. Have gotten a ton back. Look forward to next year already. Haven't seen many/ any returns from Mr Kalil so this one was a nice surprise.

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    Did you send fee on Bunning or did you get a freebie? I couldnt risk losing my 1958 so I sent fee but I hear a few get some freebies.

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    This is always one of ny favorite threads to look at! It's nice too see peppers responding to fan mail. I tried him a ton when he was a panther with no success.

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    Got my Schaub back yesterday too!

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    Awesome returns there! I received Berenguer back today as well. Now I gotta decide if I should send the 79 Topps out to Dwight Bernard to complete the triple auto.

    Love the Fregosi and Showalter dual!

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    looks like im the only one that just cant seem to get Shaub! But you continue to kill it man! great stuff

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    thanks for the comments guys. few returns from the past couple days.

    Dick Hughes 1/1, out 1-16, back 1-25

    Steve Blass 2/2, out 1-7, back 1-25

    Vernon maxwell 2/2, out 1-5, back 1-25

    Dave Meyers 2/2, out 1-16, back 1-25

    J.J. Watt 2/2, out 1-7, back 1-24. sent a few 8x10's, thrilled the way they look.

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    Todays returns..

    Andy Etchebarren 3/3, out 12-17, back 1-28. nice return from a 2x World series champ & 2 x all star.

    George Seifert 2/2, out 1-3, back 1-28. traded most of my Seifert cards away so needed to get some more. always nice to add this 2x S.B. winning coach

    Bobby Anderson 2/2, out 1-12, back 1-28. nice return from a CFHOFer.

    Clarkston Hines 2/2, out 1-12, back 1-28. added "CFHOF 10" to both. thrilled to add him.

    Dick Modzelewski 1/1, out 1-19, back 1-28. another CFHOFer that added " 2X NFL CHAMPS" as requested.

    Darrell Waltrip 2/2, out 6-14-12, back 1-28. long wait but worth it. always nice to add a NA$CAR HOFer again.

    Dale Murphy 3/3, out 1-14, back 1-28. love the inscription. added "NL MVP 82, 83" as requested. Thrilled with this one.

    Jason White 2/2, out 12-24, back 1-28. Best return of the day for me. Huge thanks to lizard-jd for the help with the addy. Been wanting to add him for awhile & finally got him. Added the "HEISMAN" inscription as requested.

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    Rick, you've been slamming the TTMs lately. You're going to miss being home when you come down to Florida for ST. NOT REALLY, you will have a blast doing the IP thing!!! I'm glad that Jason worked out for us but he sure made me nervous...

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