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Thread: Riggs TTM Thread

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    I like watching film of Rocker!

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    Better to RTS then open and not sign then send back in SASE. Had a couple guys do that. Devon White gave me the RTS job. I'll likely finish around 35% of my 150 sent. I'm waiting on at least 15 players who are returning though. Not a total flop with the 2012 AG successes.

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    Been away awhile with this thread but time to catch up. Been in Florida for the past week & half vacationing with the family but did sneak in 1 day to go to a game & do some much needed IP graphing. First the ttms. These all showed up in the time i was away. not sure on dates so im going with today since thats when they was opened.

    Ed Sabol 2/2, out 2-23, back 3-26 always nice to add a HOFer

    Loyd Phillips 2/2, out 3-9, back 3-26.

    Charlie Flowers 1/1, out 2-23, back 3-12

    Chris Bisaillon 2/2, out 3-12, back 3-26

    Tom Curtis 2/2, out 3-12, back 3-26. didnt scan the other due to space

    Pat Fitzgerald 2/2, out 3-12, back 3-26. love this return. added the CFHOF inscription & signed in wildcats purple

    Dotsie Bausch 1/1, out 2-18, back 3-26.

    Brandi chastain 2/2, out 2-22, back 3-26

    Tatyana McFadden 2/2, out 3-7, back 3-26. added "3x gold london" to one

    Todd Rogers 2/2, out 3-7, back 3-26. added "2008 gold" to one.

    Tony LaRussa 1/1, out 2-27-12, back 3-26. Long wait but worth it.

    David West 2/2, out 1-23, back 3-13. thrilled to add him

    John Stearns 3/3, out 3-9, back 3-26. 4x all star, glad to get him

    Art Powell 2/2, out 2-22, back 3-26. 4x AFL all star, great to add him to the collection.

    Dallas Smith 2/2, out 3-7, back 3-26.

    Ricky Waters 2/2, out 3-28-11, back 3-26-13. 2 year wait. Never thought this was coming back.

    IP stuff...

    Didnt do all that bad i thought but didnt do nearly the damage that some of the ST pros do on here..

    on 3/22 myself, son & his cousin went to the Phillies vs Braves game in florida. Got there 10 minutes before the gates open up & glad i did. Soon as we got in, i went to find our seats & spot along the wall while the 2 boys went to the gift shop & messed around & they missed out. Michael Young came out at 10:40 & signed for everyone along the wall. He couldnt have been a nicer guy, talked with fans, posed for pictures. Really took the time with each fan. After he left it all but died for people graphing on the phillies side. From talking with fans it turned out the Phillies had a really late night before & got in late so they didnt even come out for batting practice or warm up. That killed the graphing chances.

    Later on though Ryne Sandberg came out & signed for about 30-40 minutes. myself & the boys got him. He couldnt have been nicer.

    That was the end of my day for graphing. Ryan Howard came out & took the long way around & didnt sign for anyone. Same can be said for Halladay, Hamels, lee, papelbon & Charlie Manual all walked by us & everyone else & didnt even look over. Utley came out for a pre game interview & signed for about 2-3 fans by the dugout then never signed again. Had the chance to get others but decided i liked my picture the way it was & didnt want to add anymore to it.

    Boy added Dominic Brown, Ben Revere & 2 other none roster invitees to his picture. He got Sandberg also on a card but cant find that one to scan.

    All in all, Had a blast. was great to get out & do some IP graphing. Next time i go ( next year i hope ) taking 2 pictures with me. 1 for the stars & 1 for the ham & eggers. Wish i would have gotten Dominic Brown. Think he is going to have a great year. Brown also hit the walk off home run in the bottom of the 9th to end the game. Game was great, Day was fantastic.

    HUGE Thanks everyone for the imput on do's & dont of ST.

    My Pic...

    Sons Pic..

    Thanks for the look

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    few returns to report... & i failure

    Adrian Beltre sent back a PP. ST has been awful to me but i just missed the boat on this one. I'll re-send next year alittle earlier.

    Vince Wilfork 1/1, out 12-22, back 3-28. thrilled to add him to the collection. signed with really thin sharpie so didnt turn out the best.

    Don Marshall 3/3, out 3-8, back 3-29. added "5x CUP CHAMP" to the one.

    Bruce Irvin 2/2, out 11-24, back 3-29. this guys a stud. going to be a force on some great seahawks teams for awhile.

    Few 8x10 returns.

    Jim Langer 1/2, out 2-12, back 3-29. He only signed 1 but still happy. added "17-0" & "HOF 87" as requested. Other photo was color & think would have turned out better but oh well. I do like the black & white action shots.

    Dan Rooney 3/3, out 2-12, back 3-30. really excited to see these come back. Really wasnt expecting a return from him till the season started up. Kind of butchered the first photo but the other 2 turned out really nice. Great return from a HOFer

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    Good stuff man. Got Watters and Irvin back on the same days myself.

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    nice Rooneys. the photo of him with the 4 lombardi trophies looks great

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    Quote Originally Posted by REDANDGOLDPRIDE View Post
    Good stuff man. Got Watters and Irvin back on the same days myself.
    Thanks man. seen both yours, they look really good. congrats!

    Quote Originally Posted by coclarkson View Post
    nice Rooneys. the photo of him with the 4 lombardi trophies looks great
    Thanks.. Really liked that photo when i found it. wish he would have add "HOF" to that one but think it looks pretty good the way it sits.

    Thanks for the kind words guys..

    __________________________________________________ ___________________________________

    Been a very busy week but also been a very successful week. got some great TTM returns, some great IP autos & some expected ST rts. Deep breath..................


    Irving Fryar, sent 1-28. sent letter back requesting money

    Howard Twilley, sent letter back requesting $$$. Might re-sent to add him to the CFHOF collection.

    Adrian Beltre.. sent pp & letter saying to busy. missed the cut off, i'll re-send next ST

    Neftali Feliz..sent pp & letter saying to busy. missed the cut off, i'll re-send next ST

    TTM returns...

    Nancy Lopez 2/2, out 3-8, back 4-2. added "3X LPGA CHAMP" along with 2013. thrilled to add her to the collection.

    Nick Hagadone 2/2, out 8-29-12, back 4-2.

    Tony Oliva 1/2, out 2-18, back 4-5. awesome ST success. Missed the boat last year, glad i didnt this year.

    Bruce Arians 2/2, out 3-15, back 4-4. glad to add this 2012 COY to the collection. Hope he does great in Arizona

    Chuck Pagano 2/2, out 3-15, back 4-3. Great addition to the colts PC

    Email TTM..

    Bruce Baumgartner, sent email on 3-26, back 4-1. smokin fast success. Big thanks to coclarkson for the idea to send to him. Sent back 4 photos. awesome success.

    8X10 TTM

    Anthony Davis 2/2, out 11-20-12, back 4-3. Thought these were goners. Might sent the other to Calipari but we not sure yet. thrilled to see these again.

    IP graphs for the week.

    They opened up a New Menards this week & as part of there grand opening, They had a few guys show up to give free autographs.

    Monday, Fred Hoiberg.. waited about 30 minutes for him. Been a pretty hot coach of late. Glad to get him on some 8x10's. He's starting to build something at IOWA STATE. Might be a team that makes a bit of noise next season. Also think he may have thought i was a dealer or something. Just had the photos & asked him to add "COY 2012 " & he wouldnt then asked my name to personalize them. who knows. Glad they way they turned out.

    Tuesday, Matt Crafton .. Waited 0 minutes for him. Nobody showed up for his signing. Kinda felt bad for the guy but he didnt seem to care much. Talked to him for awhile, really nice guy. Signed a few extra hero cards & chatted with my kids also for awhile. I didnt have any diecast of his so went with 8x10's. Just wasnt enough time to buy & ship a diecast to me from when i found out about the siging but think the 8x10's turned out really nice.

    this is the cards he was handing out

    my 8x10's

    Wednesday, Fergie Jenkins showed up. waited little over an hour for him. Worth it for me, We just dont get HOFers that come to my area to do signings, let alone average joe's so was more then happy to spend the time waiting. Fergie couldnt have been a nicer guy. signed my Ball & an 8x10 i brought with me. Added "HOF91" to both without even asking. what a pro!

    Thursday, Chuck Long. Waited little over 30 minutes for this Hawkeye great. Just like Fergie, he couldnt have been nicer. chatting with fans & taking pictures. Wanted him to sign both photos in blue but he wasnt really interested in grabing my sharpie, he just went with the one he had in his hand. Still turned out nice. Im not sure what kind of pen it was but the sig really stands up off the picture. Had him sign 2 8x10's & added "CFHOF99" to the college photo.

    Last edited by Riggs; 04-05-2013 at 03:38 PM.

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    Fear the Brow..haha
    Nice Anthony Davis. Coach Cal gives autopenned signatures so I would keep it the way it is but it would look nice with a dual signature.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Captain View Post
    Fear the Brow..haha
    Nice Anthony Davis. Coach Cal gives autopenned signatures so I would keep it the way it is but it would look nice with a dual signature.
    thanks for the heads up, i'll just keep it signed by Mr Davis then.

    __________________________________________________ _____________________

    time for this weeks catch up, first 2 50/50's that came back from members here.

    Juan Nieves, from everythingcollect Thrilled to add him. Monster Thanks Adam for the 50/50 opportunity.

    Lee Smith, from arfmax. Thankful to add this great player to the collection. This 50/50 fell together rather quick & was the fastest turn around ever for me. Huge thanks for doing this.

    now the TTM's..

    Bob Reifsnyder 2/2, out 3-30, back 4-6.

    Bob Stransky 1/1, out 4-1, back 4-6. very fast return.

    Gene Shue 2/2, out 3-9, back 4-11. thrilled with the inscriptions

    Chuck Klausing 2/2, out 3-30, back 4-11

    Don Nehlen 2/2, out 3-30, back 4-13

    Bill Hosket jr 2/2, out 4-1, back 4-11. really nice autograph.

    Bill Lienhard 1/1, out 4-1, back 4-8

    Jerry Jones 2/2, out 2-2, back 4-8. this one turned out nice, other didnt. Glad to get one nice one back.

    Fisher DeBerry 2/2, out 3-30, back 4-8.

    Christian Okoye 1/3, out 3-27, back 4-8. what a monster this guy was. thrilled to add him

    Frank Gifford 2/2, out 1-25, back 4-8. nice HOF mojo. going to shoot him some cash & two 8x10's. love to get him on a picture.

    Jared DeVries 2/2, out 4-6, back 4-13. very fast return. was an absolute stud for the hawkeyes. shame it didnt transfer to the NFL.

    Dominic Rhodes 2/2, out 2-4, back 4-11. been wanting to add him forever, glad to get a return from him. great addition to the colts PC

    J.J. Watt 2/2, out 4-1, back 4-13. i found some other cards of his so figured what the heck. Guys amazing player & amazing signer.

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    Nice returns! Glad to see Watt is still signing TTM! Speaks to the kind of guy he is

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