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Thread: Riggs TTM Thread

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    nice vern den herder. I sent to him and never got one back. Maybe i should try again

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    Quote Originally Posted by gojacks View Post
    Love the Giffords, O'Bannons, and Peads.
    Thanks, appreciate the comments.

    Quote Originally Posted by LakersMC View Post
    Haven't posted in your thread in a while, but I've been meaning to. You haven't slowed down one bit. Awesome job! Keep it up, Riggs!
    Thanks, been fun opening up the mail. these 8x10's have given me new life. always a treat opening them?

    Quote Originally Posted by dsolzman View Post
    The photos of Lou and Hubie look great. I just sent that exact same photo to Coach Brown to get signed! After focusing on my Baseball HOF collection since Stan's death, I'm getting back to my basketball collection--it's a shame that many of these colleges have tightened up their rules on autographs for personal memorabilia.

    I'm a fellow Colts fan, btw.
    Thanks, sure you will be thrilled with your Brown return. Always nice to meet other Colts fans. was semi-happy with there draft.

    Quote Originally Posted by dadandsoncards View Post
    Love your thread. Congrats.
    Thanks man..

    Quote Originally Posted by Welker83 View Post
    nice vern den herder. I sent to him and never got one back. Maybe i should try again
    Thanks, came back very fast for me. seemed pretty reliable.

    __________________________________________________ ________________________________________

    todays goods.

    Cliff Levingston 3/3, out 4-19, back 4-29

    Evelyn Stevens 1/2, out 4-3, back 4-29

    Jack Marin 2/2, out 4-20, back 4-29

    Harry Swayne 2/2, out 4-5, back 4-29

    Bobby Walden 2/2, out 4-19, back 4-29

    Cedrick Hardman 1/2, out 4-19, back 4-29

    Nick Mangold 3/3, out 2-22, back 4-29

    Doug Plank 3/3, out 4-20, back 4-29

    Bob Netolicky 2/2, out 4-15, back 4-29

    Dan Sullivan 2/2, out 4-13, back 4-29

    Bob Brudzinski 2/2, out 4-15, back 4-29

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    It wouldn't be my first Hubie return. Sent off in 2011 for card-sized printouts to be signed. Decided to get some 8x10s made this year and have them signed.

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    Joe Kapp 2/2, out 2-4, back 5-2, nice return from a CFHOFer

    Dick Van Arsdale 2/2, out 4-22, back 5-2, added " 3X All Star" to both.

    Sam Graddy 3/3, out 4-13, back 4-30. nice return from a 84 Gold medalist. sent to cards & a 5x7.

    5X7 RETURN..


    John Alt 3/3, out 4-23, back 5-2. very fast return. Thanks to coclarkson for the address.

    Chris Chambliss 3/3, out 3-27, back 5-1. really happy to add him, been wanting to for some time. Pretty fast return also.

    Ed Sabol 2/2, out 3-30, back 5-2. sent him 2 8x10's. Came back really nice. added " HOF 11" to both as requested.

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    finished up the week pretty good...

    Rex White 3/3, out 4-23, back 5-4. added " 1960 CHAMP" as requested.

    Sylvia Hatchell 2/2, out 4-22, back 5-4. added " HOF 2013" to one as requested.

    Don May 3/3, out 4-22, back 5-3.

    Raymond Clayborn 2/2, out 4-20, back 5-3. nice return from a 3x Pro Bowler.

    Dick Vitale 3/2, out 4-22, back 5-4. couple 8x10's to add to the photo collection. added him HOF year to both along with "AWESOME BABY". Wish he would have signed right over the basketball in the first photo. Think it would have looked alittle better. 2nd pic turned out nice though.

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    great week for you. did you send a PDF form to slyvia hatchell along with the cards?

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    Quote Originally Posted by coclarkson View Post
    great week for you. did you send a PDF form to slyvia hatchell along with the cards?
    Thank you.. I did not send along the PDF for this request but did mention in my note that i wanted her autograph for my personal collection. I did send a PDF request sheet, asking for the signed 8x10 they send out the same day as the cards & haven't seen that yet.

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    I sent the PDF and got a signed photo back the next week.

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    returns for this week..

    John James 3/3, out 4-16, back 5-6. 3x pro bowler

    John Harbough 2/2, out 5-4, back 5-11. sweet success. added " SUPER BOWL XLVII CHAMP" on both as requested.

    Paul Dietzel 2/2, out 4-29, back 5-11. added " 58 NATIONAL CHAMP" to both. very happy.

    Wendell Hayes 3/2, out 5-3, back 5-11. added a signed IC with "SUPER BOWL CHAMPS 1970"

    Ernie Green 2/2, out 4-29, back 5-6. added " 64 CHAMPS" as requested

    Pete Gogolak 1/2, out 4-19, back 5-6. not sure why it took so long for me to send to him, very happy to add this great kicker to the collection.

    Kayla Harrison 3/2, out 4-8, back 5-6. 2012 GOLD medalist sent back the promo card. very pleased.

    Dan Lanphear 2/2, out 4-29, back 5-6.

    Margaux Isaksen 2/2, out 4-8, back 5-6.

    Bill Guerin 3/3, out 3-7, back 5-6. 4x all star & all star MVP in 2001 signed all 3. great return.

    Kelly Tripucka 2/2, out 4-20, back 5-6. added " 2X ALL STAR" to one.

    David Pearson 2/2, out 4-29, back 5-9. sent 2 8x10's, signed both.

    Sylvia Hatchel 0/1 out 4-22, back 5-6. This is the 8x10 you get when you send the PDF to request a signed photo. pretty nice return for nothing more then a stamp.

    Bobby Allison 3/3, out 4-29, back 5-11. sent 3 8x10's, signed all 3 with a few inscriptions i asked for. Really happy with these. Also sent back 2 nice color photos.

    here are the freebies

    my 8x10's

    Bobby & his son in Victory lane at Daytona when they finished one, two. really awesome moment in NA$CAR history.

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