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Claude Osteen      Sport:      Baseball    Player success rate 99%

Claude Osteen
624 Brent Dr.
Arlington, TX 76012

Address success percentage: 75 %
Added by:johan29lhp   Added on:   2009-05-20
Reported Successes and Failures:
Namedate sentdate receivedResultratioCommentImage
baseball1232009-11-272009-12-10Failure0/2RETURN TO SENDER....wil post new address 
gcrl2009-07-292009-08-18Success3/3nice sig in fine blue sharpie - 71T, 72Tia, 74T 
RockiesFan332008-12-052008-12-15Success1/1Signed my 8x10 
Claude Osteen
2313 Duncan Perry Rd.
Grand Prairie, TX 75050

Address success percentage: 100 %
Added by:baseball123   Added on:   2009-12-10
Reported Successes and Failures:
Namedate sentdate receivedResultratioCommentImage
1956WS2017-09-082017-09-16Success3/360T/66T/69T. He added personalization to only one which is perfect. Thank you, Mr. Osteen!
xtra-innings2017-06-282017-08-12Success4/4x4 cards
csearcy312017-06-172017-07-01Success1/1sent 8x10, LOR, and SASE... signed nicely in fine blue Sharpie. Thanks, Mr. Osteen! 
grapher03152017-06-062017-06-16Success6/6Signed 6/6, thanks very much Mr. Osteen!!! 
39special2017-03-102017-04-03Success1/1'67 Topps and answered my questions 
xtra-innings2017-03-032017-03-14Success4/4x4 cards
NatHon9952017-02-262017-03-13Success1/1signed 67T 
OC222017-01-312017-02-10Success1/1Returned 8x10 signed 
grapher03152017-01-062017-06-15Success6/6Signed 6/6, thanks very much Mr. Osteen!!! 
levi2016-12-302017-01-09Success1/11976 Topps 
DonnyB52016-12-192017-01-03Success4/4Sent 4 cards. Got signed in blue 
xtra-innings2016-11-012016-11-26Success4/4x4 cards
pktwsu992016-07-282016-08-15Success1/1sent LOR, ticket, asked for inscriptions - signed in blue, with inscriptions 
1956WS2016-07-072016-07-23Success2/2Signed and inscribed a 4x6 photo + 1968 Topps '1967 Pitching Leaders' already signed by Mike McCormick and Ferguson Jenkins. Just need Jim Bunning now. Thank you, Mr. Osteen!
Schmidty5482016-05-282016-06-06Success1/1Signed my postcard also signed by Lee Elia 
xtra-innings2016-05-152016-06-06Success4/4x4 cards
mike carlton2016-04-052016-05-28Success1/1Sent 1970 Topps. Received back signed 
Foul Bunt2016-02-182016-03-07Success3/3Signed my 1975 SSPC and 2 1975 Topps. 
xtra-innings2016-02-152016-03-05Success4/4x4 cards
djhindiana2016-02-082016-02-22Success1/1Sent 1 8x10. Recd back signed with personalization. 
1956WS2016-02-032016-02-16Success2/21967 Topps + 4x6 photo of him and Sandy Koufax. Inscribed and personalized the card. Very nice! Thank you, Mr. Osteen!
xtra-innings2015-12-012015-12-21Success5/5x5 cards
Hebron Reds Fan2015-10-092016-01-13Success1/11960 Topps - signed in blue ball point 
tburton2015-08-022015-08-29Success4/4Card, Letter and SASE 
Thechado2015-06-062015-06-18Success1/1Sent one card signed and answered questions 
lankyrighty342015-06-062015-06-18Success3/2Signed 2 photos, 1 IC and answered questions 
benlee662015-03-072015-03-19Success4/468T LL, 70T, 71T signed nicely in blue pen, and signed an IC. Thanks Mr. Osteen! 
Schmidty5482014-08-252014-09-08Success1/1Signed my 5x7 Card with Unser already on it
Robextend2014-01-022014-01-13Success1/11971 Topps/Great success, thank you Mr. Osteen. 
acratertocoffin2013-12-142013-12-23Success1/1Sent SASE, LOC, and 1969 Topps. Signed in blue. 
psychosis32872013-12-022013-12-17Success2/2Sent 2 4x6 photos. Both signed in blue extra fine tip sharpie. Awesome success!!
39special2013-11-212013-12-03Success1/1Signed my Vet. stadium 8x10 and answered my questions. 
dukemiller2013-10-262013-11-02Success2/21 - 72 Topps & 1 - 73 Topps 
Tuck Stainback2013-10-012013-10-31Success2/2Signed 70 & 71 Topps 
chris511732013-09-292013-10-06Success1/1Super fast! Awesome sig on my 72 in action 
xtra-innings2013-08-152013-08-23Success2/2x2 cards
1117drewbay2013-06-172013-07-08Success2/1Signed card, IC and answered questions as well. Thanks! 
biggsy23232013-02-14 Pending0/178 Topps 
Baseball452013-01-172013-02-01Success4/2Sent letter, and 2 CIC's. Got both back signed, plus a IC with his stats, and a hand written note back. 14 Days! Thanks Mr. Osteen 
Schmidty5482012-12-052012-12-18Success1/1Signed my 3.5 x 5.25 Photo that was already signed by Del Unser.
39special2012-11-192012-12-04Success1/1Awsome guy!! Signed my '68 Topps and wrote a great letter about Harry Kalas and Richie Ashburn! 
tglg2012-11-062012-11-13Success3/3signed a photo, a card, and a team card already signed by Lee Elia 
tonyt19572012-10-182012-10-29Success1/166/TOPPS/to tony best wishes nice sign 
39special2012-08-092012-08-18Success1/1Signed my '66 Topps and answered all my questions.Great guy!! 
Riggs2012-06-042012-07-05Success3/3nice return 
pktwsu992012-01-272012-02-04Success1/1Corner of the card was caught in the mail feeder, so i might try again, love it still though
mmalpedo012012-01-182012-01-28Success1/1Signed 1963 topps Senators Team Card previously signed by Ray Rippelmeyer 
silver2011-08-262011-09-06Success2/1Signed '89 Swell 'Baseball Greats' card and filler index card. Thank you! 
39special2011-07-252011-08-08Success1/1Signed my index card and answered my question 
Cowboysfan20102011-05-062011-05-13Success1/1Signed my ROMLB
mmalpedo012010-05-032010-05-12Success2/2Signed my 1963 Topps and 1988 Pacific Legends with blue sharpie. 
baseball1232009-12-102009-12-19Success3/2Awesome success. Nice Signature. He was nice to include my little sis a card too. What a class act. Can view cards here: 

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