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Ralph Kiner (R.I.P.)      Sport:      Baseball    Player success rate 50%

Ralph Kiner (R.I.P.)
19 Doubling Rd
Greenwich, CT 06830

Address success percentage: 0 %
Added by:RockiesFan33   Added on:   2009-05-25
Reported Successes and Failures:
Namedate sentdate receivedResultratioCommentImage
lizard-jd2009-08-042009-08-14Failure0/3RTS - UTF, 2nd RTS from 2 different addys. Must be too old & sick to sign because "Refused" was hand written. I appreciate the RTS instead of just dumping it! 
mmalpedo012009-07-302009-08-09Failure0/3He refused the letter. That was the 3rd and final time I will try Mr. Kiner. 
Ralph Kiner (R.I.P.)
200 Bradley Place #204
Palm Beach, Florida 33480

Address success percentage: 50 %
Added by:bboonie53   Added on:   2011-01-10
Reported Successes and Failures:
Namedate sentdate receivedResultratioCommentImage
arinesmith2014-01-282014-01-31Failure0/1Undeliverable as Addressed 
just for the fun2014-01-102014-02-07Failure0/1sad news to hear of his passing, but did get it once. 
bcommerce2013-11-222014-02-06Failure0/1Sent 1 Card! Rip Mr. Kiner! 
robbob19842013-09-142013-10-16Success1/1Sent ROMLB Thought that i would not get this back wired i send with a blue pin but was signed in black anyways still a Success 
white_rabbit2013-08-24 Pending0/1  
dunner472013-08-212013-10-02Success1/1Sent '91 Topps Archives & $10 check 
cartermlb2013-07-302013-08-20Success1/1Tried the no return addy trick. it worked! signed on card in blue sharpie 
bboonie532013-06-242014-02-06Failure0/2'83 Donurr Hofer, '03 Upper Deck Vintage no return address/RIP 
collector412013-05-172013-06-05Success1/1signed my custom. Thanks Mr. Kiner!!!! 
mbell2013-05-062014-02-06Failure0/1Sent long very sincere LOR, 2012 Gypsy Queen. RIP 
Baseball Guru 442013-05-062014-07-17Failure0/1Sent Serial # bat card, and $5 donation. R.I.P. Mr. Kiner 
bboonie532013-04-272013-06-22Failure0/2I must be out of mind to try this guy again. '83 Donruss HOFers, '03 UD Vintage/UAF 
scoot510152013-04-24 Pending0/1  
lh4augie2013-03-282014-02-15Failure0/1Rest in Peace, Ralph 
Tuck Stainback2013-03-282013-06-20Success1/1Sent to Palm Beach address. Returned postmarked from San Bernardino? 
chefsanders2013-03-252013-04-08Success2/22 4x6's and $5. Both with HOF inscription. 
1117drewbay2013-03-142013-04-09Success1/1Signed ball on sweet spot with HOF inscription as requested. Very nice addition. 
bcommerce2013-03-132013-10-09Failure0/1Sent 1 Card and $5! Kept Cash and Didnt Return Cards writing this one off! 
Baseball Guru 442013-03-132013-03-25Success1/1Sent ROMLB, $10. Received beautifully signed on the sweet spot! I did not put a return address on the box. 
Preflight1012013-02-222013-03-13Success1/1ROMLB, LOR, SASE, Blue Pen, donation - signed w/ HOF 75 
atpifer2013-02-212013-03-11Success1/1Shaky sig, check not cashed. 
Baseball Guru 442013-01-042013-01-23Success1/1sent baseball, received signed. Inscribed HOF 75'. I sent $10 and did NOT include a return address 
Colts152012-11-102012-11-29Success1/2Sent $2, 2 4x6's and a note...amazing success (again!), returned both, one signed and put HOF 1975. Being old, not only does he have a really shaky sig, he forgot to seal the envelope. 
cava11aro2012-10-192012-10-31Failure0/1sent card...RTS 
dtwohig2012-10-172012-10-31Failure0/1"Refused" written on envelope 
just for the fun2012-09-272012-10-18Success1/1had to try one more time and it paid off, signed card in blue sharpie. kept my new card and returned a 1955 or 1956 card instead. thank you very much mr. kiner!!!! 
jmfrank12012-09-112012-09-27Success1/18x10, $20; received personalized along with HOF 75 inscription! 
louiepalouie2012-08-312012-09-10Failure0/1Also included $5. RTS. My card also got bent!!! 
Csarge82012-08-222012-09-04Failure0/2Sent back, unsigned 
Sawks142012-08-042012-08-13Success1/1HOF PC with a $10 fee. 
yankeesrule192012-07-292012-08-07Failure0/1recieved sase envelope open with nothing in it. 
bboonie532012-07-232012-08-06Failure0/12008 UD Goudey/I give up on this guy! 
cosanostra782012-07-172012-07-26Success1/1Sent LOR, SASE with no return address and a card. Received card signed with HOF inscription. Thanks!
just for the fun2012-07-122012-07-23Failure0/2third try, same results...i'm done with him. if your going to keep a card, at least sign the one you send back. 
bigsportsfan12012-06-252012-09-26Success1/1Signed my picture with HOF inscription for fee, thanks Ralph! 
bcommerce2012-06-082012-06-17Failure0/1returned in SASE unsigned 
Eddie_22012-05-312012-06-12Failure0/1RTS - Refused. 
just for the fun2012-05-302012-06-11Failure0/3returned cards unsigned in my SASE.......might try one more time. 
buccofan902012-05-282012-06-08Failure0/1Didn't sign my ball. Is asking for 25.00 per ball auto 
redrocker98ta2012-05-192012-05-26Success1/12nd try worked, signed my 8x10 with HOF 75 in blue sharpie, thanks Mr Kiner! 
buccofan902012-05-172012-05-25Failure0/1Sent ROMLB RTS Refused! 
just for the fun2012-05-172012-05-26Failure0/2sent back cards in SASE unsigned and had written on the LOR 'incorect address'......will try again. 
Redman50062012-05-112012-07-18Failure0/1Sent a ROML ball. No return addy. Did not sign, wants 25.00. 
Chris8192012-05-082012-05-17Success1/28 Days 
white_rabbit2012-05-082012-05-17Success1/1Thanks a lot Ralph!
bcommerce2012-05-072012-05-15Success1/1Signed my card!! Thanks Mr. Kiner 
tmwight2012-05-052012-05-10Success1/1Sent a SASE and a Gypsy Queen card. Very quick turn around. No fee. Just didn't put a return address on the envelope to him.
bcommerce2012-04-262012-05-04Success1/1Received card signed in blue sharpie, No return address! 
phillyboi902012-04-262012-05-04Success1/1had success before with an index card and this time I got my card signed. 2 for 2 
GoWarrior2012-04-242012-05-04Success2/2Trying for the third time. Didn't put return address this time. Third time's a charm! Sent an 8x10 and a 5x7. Signed both. Also sent extra copies for him to keep and a $5 donation just to be sure. 
coronado20102012-04-232012-04-30Success1/1no return addy seems to work!! 
84Cubs2012-04-042012-04-21Success1/1Signed ROMLB. Did not include return address
Colts152012-03-132012-03-22Success1/2Sent LOR, SASE, 2 IC's. No return addy on envelope. Hoping for the best!....both came back, 1/2 signed in blue BP pen! yay! 
GoWarrior2012-02-082012-03-17Failure0/2Trying again. Wrote Donation Enclosed on the envelope, maybe that will help. NOPE. RTS again. 
djauwerda2012-02-012012-02-09Success1/2Returned 1/2 customs on my 3rd attempt. I did not put. Return addy on the envelope and I included a donation. 
detfan12222012-01-172012-02-14Failure0/1sent a 2009 commemorative patch./ RTS Hand-Written Refused 
WHils72012-01-132012-02-04Failure0/2dont send rts bad address 
GoWarrior2012-01-042012-02-03Failure0/2Sent an 8x10 of Kiner with Monte Irvin and a 5x7 of Kiner with Hank Greenberg, along with extra copies for him to keep plus a $5 donation for good measure... RTS. Will try these again soon. Really want these photos signed! 
Spiegel832012-01-032012-01-13Failure0/1Refuse. RTS. 
bboonie532012-01-022012-01-14Failure0/1Trying again. I hope that it's not a RTS. Yup, RTS again. I give up on this guy. 
AdmAckbar2011-12-122011-12-28Success1/1Not sure on send date. Signed baseball in black pen. Inscribed HOF '75 
kidcollector112011-12-072011-12-16Success3/33 index cards 
awz502011-12-042012-01-03Failure0/1RTS---not happy 2nd try with a ball 
bounty3312011-11-302011-12-09Success2/2great success.......TY SIR 
bboonie532011-11-262011-12-06Failure0/3Ok, trying for a 3rd time. Failed the first, got the sleeve singed the 2nd, we shall see on this one./The dreaded RTS! 
kidcollector112011-11-172011-11-30Failure0/33 index cards, hopeful on the first try.......Fail, goin to try again, RTS written across the front 
RockiesFan332011-11-11 Pending0/1Sent custom - 2nd try 
JayHo72842011-11-112011-11-28Success1/1Great success with this one
lizard-jd2011-11-092011-11-16Success1/1Signed custom pic (added HOF without asking!) - TY Mr. Kiner!
ajunod2011-11-042011-11-14Success1/3Sent ROLMB and 2 customs..Received back the ROLMB. 
bounty3312011-11-032011-11-26Failure0/2return to sender 
juflo3312011-11-012011-11-21Failure0/12003 Fleer. RTS 
Csarge82011-10-242011-11-01Success1/1Just have to keep trying.. He signs eventually.. 3 RTS 
devin2011-10-212011-10-31Success1/2signed my card in blue with hof did not sign ic 
bboonie532011-10-142011-10-22Success1/12nd attempt, we shall see if it works!/ Signed the sleeve and not the card, I think that I will try again. :) 
Beersman212011-10-142011-10-29Success1/1Sent a ROMLB to have signed. Got it back today, a little smeared but still excited. Thank you Mr. Kiner. 
bounty3312011-10-062011-10-17Success1/1WHAT A GREAT SUCCESS 
juflo3312011-09-132011-10-03Success2/23rd attempt. sweet sport and upper deck. SUCCESS! Check out all my success at 
mmalpedo012011-09-062011-10-13Success2/2Signed 2 1994 Ted Williams cards. I sent 10 cards for him to keep. Pics in success thread. 
juflo3312011-08-302011-09-09Failure0/1ok...ill try again too. wrote return on the envelope. I will try a 3rd time next month! 
brendenw2011-08-302011-10-16Success0/2sent 2 tickets,sase,letter..round 2 Date Recieved is WRONG. Did recieve signed though! 
lizard-jd2011-08-302011-09-10Success1/1Signed CIC - Mr. Kiner's hand writing getting a little shaky.
Riggs2011-08-172011-08-29Success1/1NEVER GIVE UP!!! evidently 3rd times the charm.. :-) 
Riggs2011-08-022011-08-15Failure0/2Another RTS, wish i could say im surprised but then i would be lieing.. 
Riggs2011-07-212011-08-01Failure0/2RTS wrote on envelope. going to re-send at a later date 
Csarge82011-07-202011-08-06Failure0/1My daughter.. Found a card, we'll see/rts 
juflo3312011-06-032011-06-14Failure0/1Some Reprint.RTS...I'LL TRY AGAIN 
Csarge82011-06-012011-06-13Success1/1After RTS, sent back.. Signed HOf 75.. Sig shaky.. Last time I send Ralph, note to others, resend if failure.. 
brendenw2011-05-312011-06-11Failure0/1RTS! WOW lost my respect. 
Csarge82011-05-082011-05-31Success1/2Signed one UD sweet spot..great luck! 
devin2011-05-062011-05-14Success1/1signed a 77 topps nicely in blue with hof very nice 
olivea022011-01-312011-02-15Failure0/1Refused - Sent ROMLB 
PONCHO2011-01-252011-02-14Failure0/1RTS REFUSED 
lizard-jd2011-01-182011-02-12Failure0/2RTS after 25 days - 3rd & final attempt for old Ralph; he has never opened any one of my requests. LOL - 'He Hates Me'... 
bcommerce2011-01-172012-01-02Failure0/1RTS can not forward 
bboonie532011-01-112011-02-10Failure0/1Refused!!! Ugh!!! 
mmalpedo012010-12-272010-01-13Success4/2Signed 2 1953 Topps Archives and 2 ICs with blue sharpie. Added HOF inscription on the index cards. 

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