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Baltimore Orioles      Sport:      Baseball    Player success rate 100%

Baltimore Orioles
333 West Camden Street
Baltimore, MD 21201

Address success percentage: 100 %
Added by:RockiesFan33   Added on:   2009-05-13
Reported Successes and Failures:
Namedate sentdate receivedResultratioCommentImage
redsoxlove62017-07-182017-07-22Success1/1ticket information. mascot card. pocket schedule. 2 logo fat heads. 
devils18542017-07-152017-07-22Success0/0pocket schedule, ball park tour pamphlet, ticket pamphlet, 2 stickers, mascot card 
JumpinJackSplash2017-05-012017-05-24Success0/0sent email first to fan feedback dont ship to CANADA so i sent LOR SASE and got ballpark tour plans, Sticker, pocket schedule, Oriole Bird card, card of Alex Murphy 
Enrique612017-02-062017-02-16Success0/1Great success got key chain sticks Dylan Bundy player card #37 nice 
haynmay2017-01-242017-02-04Success0/0nothing to see here, dont get excited please 
Tphil592016-06-152016-06-20Success0/0Sent an email to requesting fan pack. Recieved letter, season schedule, keychain, sticker, tour guide, eye black, mascot card, john russel (bench coach) card. Came very quickly 
NatHon9952016-01-052016-05-23Success0/0Got a key chain and some big cards. Great Fan pack! 
Baltimore Orioles
Fort Lauderdale Stadium
1301 NW 55th St.
Ft Lauderdale, FL 33309

Address success percentage: 0 %
Instruction:Spring Training Address
Added by:RockiesFan33   Added on:   2009-05-13
Reported Successes and Failures:
Namedate sentdate receivedResultratioCommentImage
      No report!

Baltimore Orioles

Address success percentage: 100 %
Instruction:Orioles emails for requesting a fan pack
Added by:sdfc87   Added on:   2009-06-08
Reported Successes and Failures:
Namedate sentdate receivedResultratioCommentImage
bronxbomber172017-04-072017-04-13Success0/0Letter, Orioles Sticker with the bird hitting, oversized card of Logan Verrett, bigger card of Oriole Bird, Pocket Schedule, Ballpark Tour Plans, and Season Ticket Plans. Great fan pack. 
Batting gloves882017-03-192017-03-22Success0/1  
aarjon2017-03-092017-03-13Success0/04 day success - received pocket schedule, keychain, Orioles logo sticker, Oriole Bird oversize card, Logan Verrett oversize card, and brochures for season ticket plans and stadium tours. Thanks Orioles! 
rdel4442017-02-202017-03-03Success0/0Great fan pack. Received Schedules a Huge Topps Card and 2 promo packs of 2016 topps cards and more. 
Jayzboy042017-01-232017-02-15Pending0/0Sweet success! key chain, sticker, brochures, bird card (mascot), machado card, letter, and kids magazine 
totalnv2016-11-012016-11-11Success1/0Letter, tour advertisement, key chain, pocket schedule, sticker, 4x6 mascot photo card, 3x5 player photo card (Pedro Alvarez) 
primetime272015-12-302017-01-24Pending0/001 24 17 Sent another request. 
bryson1202015-12-172015-12-29Success7/0received decal, large playing card of one of the players, playing card of the bird, ball park tours flyer, eye blacks with logo, and a pocket schedule. Nice fan pack sdfc87. Thanks for posting this! 
benlee662015-11-152015-11-20Success0/0quick delivery of a neat fan pack. two oversized cards (The Bird & Wieters), stickers & schedules. The Bird is the word. Thx O's! 
oscarveli2015-10-232015-11-02Success0/0Sent an email and received a fan pack containing a thank-you letter, a pocket schedule, a pair of eye black stickers, a logo sticker, a ballpark tours flyer, a 3.5x5 oversized player card of Chris Davis, and a 4.25x6 oversized player card of The Bird. 
urbanlegenduf12015-07-062015-07-13Success0/02 oversized cards, brochures 
bigbenjobu2015-06-102015-07-13Success5/0Sent e-mail and received a mascot 4x6, Cabrera 3x5, sticker, stadium tour flyer, and thank you letter. 
eaglesrock552015-05-24 Pending0/0  
tburton2015-04-142015-04-28Success1/0Email Request 
PAYE20052015-03-232015-03-30Success1/1nice fan pack... post card, large Bud Norris card, eye black, Mascot card... 
yazfan712015-03-212015-03-28Success0/0Sent email, rec'd pocket schedule, eye black stickers, Bud Norris 4x6, Oriole Bird &Camden Yards 5x7, Tour pamphlet. 
BayAreaJavy2015-03-012015-03-22Success0/0received pocket schedule, eye black stickers, tour flyer, matt wieters 4x6, mascot 5x7, stadium 5x7 
Ebys232015-02-222015-03-20Success6/0awesome fan pack! 
ssakona2015-02-202015-03-23Success0/0pocket schedule, mascot 4x6, wieters 3x5, eye black stickers, stadium tour flyer, and thank you letter 
Pigul2015-01-152017-01-23Success7/0recieved reply email 5 days later ---- got a note, a tour ad, a sticker, a oversized mascot card, a oversized player card (joey rickard), pocket sched, and a keychain 
PortRadelaide2015-01-01 Pending0/0  
wngrtr20052014-10-06 Pending0/0  
SC30boy2014-08-29 Pending0/0  
BaseballTTMAutos2014-08-252014-08-28Success9/0I got a pocket schedule, a Dylan Bundy oversized card, eye black, oversized decal, oversized mascot card, 2 promotion pamphlets, post card, and a typed note Great 2nd Return!!! 
OakAsFan2014-07-052014-07-14Success0/0Sent E-Mail// Received pocket schedule, keychain, brochure, letter, and masoct card. 
Jstafford48972014-02-282014-03-17Success6/0Sent email requesting fan pack / received letter, pocket schedule, flyer about tours, pictures of Mike Gonzalez and Brian matusz & something about the childhood cancer foundation 
primetime272013-09-232015-04-10Success0/003/18/14 Sent another request. 08/22/14 Sent another request. 03 22 15 Sent another request. 04 10 15 Received a Bud Norris promo card, pocket schedule, stickers and promo items. 
yugiohlovernick2013-07-262013-07-29Success6/0Sent Email And Got Pocket Schedule, Letter, Sticker Sheet, Stadium Tour Pamphlet, 2 Oversized Cards. 
collector412013-06-03 Pending0/1sent email requesting fan pack 
gdfitch2013-04-132013-04-18Success7/0Sent an email requesting a fan pack to the birdmail email. Received Matusz & Gonzalez big cards, pocket schedule, 2 ads, a stadium tours flyer and a typed note. 
MrPrez842013-03-242013-05-14Success0/0Sent email to the birdmail address // Received a pair of circular stickers, 2 postcards, 2 oversized baseball cards, and a pocket schedule 
LPSweeper2013-02-222013-03-11Success0/0Sent Email Request; Recieved Pocket Schedule, Oriole Bird Card, 2 Player Cards, 2 Pamphlets, Letter, and 2 Stickers 
Westman17212013-02-172013-02-22Success7/0Used birdmail address got Letter, 2 Stickers, Pocket Schedule, Brian Roberts Card, Robert Andino Card, Ballpark Tour Flyer Thanks Orioles and SCF 
IAFTBL2012-09-22 Pending0/0Sent an email hope to get something back 
antoine382012-08-03 Pending0/0  
RocklandBoulders2012-05-062012-05-25Success7/02 pocket schedules, 2 stickers, A tour brochure, a large Matt Wieters card, a letter, and a upper deck cello pack with three cards 
Csarge82012-04-09 Pending0/0  
yazfan712012-03-072012-04-09Success0/0Baltimore Orioles sent a letter, 2-2012 pocket schedules, 2-large logo stickers, Camden Yards Tour Guide, 4x6 card of Robert Andino & sealed cello pack of 3 UD cards marked "First Edition" including Tim Wakefield, Todd Wellenmeyer & Pedro Martinez. 
oriolefan1232012-02-232012-03-06Success1/1Sent Email... Received Mark Reynolds Post Card... Two Stickers.. 2012 Early Bird Schedule... Ballpark Tour Information 
prezby972012-02-072012-02-22Success1/0Received generic Letter, Bumper Stickers, Pocket Schedules, Promotional Schedule, and jumbo Chris Tillman card. 
wongcastle2011-09-142011-09-30Success0/0Fan Pack - used email 
TrFstPtch2011-05-152011-05-28Success0/0pocket schedules, stickers, oversized cards, tour and club info 
Big_MO2011-05-082011-05-18Success0/0Couple player cards, stickers, schedules, and info brochures. 
saluki20022011-04-272011-05-09Success2/0Sent a Fan Pack for me and my son had stickers, 2 player cards and schedules 
bebecerveza2011-03-162011-03-28Success0/0Pack of pictures and program 
outtahere2010-07-252010-08-14Success0/0Stickers, Pocket Schedules, Cards of Ty Wigginton,Chris Tillman,David Hernandez,Brian Roberts 
oriolefan1232010-06-172010-06-30Success1/1sent email, got letter,2 schedules,photo/cards of Matt Wieters & David Hernandez,huge sticker sheet,postcard of stadium and brocheur 
stlcardinalsfan2010-02-032010-02-11Success1/0sent email, got letter,2 scheduals,photo/cards of the bird,adam jones, and nick markakis,huge sticker sheet,postcard of stadium and brocheur 
baseball1232009-12-072010-01-05Success0/0Fan Pack 
cruiser19082009-06-062009-06-17Success4/0Recieved fanpack with stickers, schedule, stickers, etc. 
sdfc872009-06-012009-06-10Success0/0Orioles Fan pack 
sdfc872009-05-012009-05-13Success0/0Orioles Fan pack 
Baltimore Orioles

Address success percentage: 0 %
Added by:bebecerveza   Added on:   2011-04-06
Reported Successes and Failures:
Namedate sentdate receivedResultratioCommentImage
      No report!

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