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Boston Red Sox      Sport:      Baseball    Player success rate 91%

Boston Red Sox
Fenway Park
4 Yawkey Way
Boston, MA 02215

Address success percentage: 100 %
Added by:RockiesFan33   Added on:   2009-05-13
Reported Successes and Failures:
Namedate sentdate receivedResultratioCommentImage
1908to2016RIP2016-12-08 Pending0/0Sent email on 
BASEBALLCOLECTOR2016-12-012016-12-08Success5/0Sent email via website requesting a fan pack sent an amazing fan pack consisting of Fenway Dirt, hand-written letter, JBJ auto (real), sticker, signed card from their mascot and a amazing David Ortiz patch incased in a plastic case. 
redsoxlove62016-09-252016-10-10Success0/02 pocket schedules. Fenway dirt. Brock Holt 4X6 auto and hand written letter 
Tphil592016-06-152016-06-24Success0/0Sent an email to requesting fan pack. Received handwritten note as well as fenway dirt, pocket schedule, and sticker. 
Spoonercards2016-06-02 Pending0/0sent request 
NatHon9952016-05-082016-05-24Success0/0Great fan pack....calendar, stickers, arm band and schedules. The calendar is really nice thanks Red Soxs! 
bravesfanfromny2015-04-202015-05-04Success1/0signed photo, dirt personalized card 
PortRadelaide2015-02-04 Pending0/0sent postcard request 
detroitgoblue2015-01-152015-02-03Success0/02 4x6, dirt, sticker, sched, bracelet 
ChrisD2014-08-262014-09-04Success0/0Recieved 2 photos, sticker, Red Sox nation wristband, and pouch of Fenway dirt. 
autographs20102014-02-082014-02-11Success0/0Bag of Fenway dirt 
reecer312014-02-032014-03-01Success0/0sweet success - 2 pocket schedules, 2 decals, 1 fenway dirt, and a handwritten note! 
bostonsoxfan2013-04-132012-04-20Success0/0Fan Pack! Got Fenway dirt, 2013 calender schedule, sticker, Non-signed David Ortiz Photo, Rubber Red Sox Nation band, and Magnet. Also got letter. told them I wanted to make the MLB and they said Good luck, And that I might play for the Red Sox!(Haha) 
dravensdad102013-02-202013-03-23Success0/0Sticker, Pocket Schedule, Ryan Sweeney Autographed 4X6 and Fenway Dirt! 
Boston Red Sox
City Of Palms Park
2201 Edison Ave.
Fort Meyers, FL 33901

Address success percentage: 0 %
Instruction:Spring Training Address
Added by:RockiesFan33   Added on:   2009-05-13
Reported Successes and Failures:
Namedate sentdate receivedResultratioCommentImage
      No report!

Boston Red Sox
send to email, send to email send to emai

Address success percentage: 90 %
Instruction:send fan pack request with your address to:
Added by:SteakNchop   Added on:   2009-05-28
Reported Successes and Failures:
Namedate sentdate receivedResultratioCommentImage
Pigul2017-01-10 Success4/0Didn't respond to email but sent anyhow. got dirt, schedule, Sticker, and note. 
bigbenjobu2016-12-122016-12-20Success4/0Sent date estimated. Great fan pack! Got a RedSox sticker, Fenway Dirt, handwriten letter, David Ortiz patch, and Sandy Leon auto (appears to be legit)
BASEBALLCOLECTOR2016-12-122016-12-26Success4/0Sent email and received 2 stickers, 1 card of their mascot and 1 legit hanley ramirez auto 
totalnv2016-12-012016-12-20Success1/0Really nice fan pack - a letter, packet of dirt from Fenway Park, round sticker, autographed 4x6 photo of Sandy Leon, David Ortiz final season commemorative patch encapsulated in plastic with photo. I'd really love this if I wasn't a Yankees fan... 
dvsantan2016-10-252016-10-25Failure0/0trying again, email could not be sent to address 
ariamovassaghi2016-10-022016-10-11Success0/0Sent email requesting fan pack, received 10 days later. The pack included a red sox nation bracelet, fenway dirt, sticker, handwritten letter, and to my luck, an authentic signed 4x6 by pitcher David Price. 
dvsantan2016-07-112016-10-25Failure0/0Requested pack 
LiaoCJ2016-07-012016-07-28Success0/0Sent an email ask for fan pack, reply at 7/2, told me that it may take several weeks to send to Taiwan.7/28 receive sticker and schedule. 
Phillies Fan2016-06-20 Pending0/0Sent email 
devinherrington2016-04-292016-05-14Success0/0Received an awesome calander, thank you letter, fenway dirt, and a sticker. 
BoSoxFan42352016-03-15 Pending0/0Sent E-Mail 
NYYanks20162016-02-282016-03-11Success1/0Sent an email to this addy and bounced back and didn't think much of it. Then, today a nice package showed up with a packet of Fenway dirt, a few schedules, B Strong Sticker and Red Sox sticker. Thank you Sox, only reason I sent was for Fenway Dirt. 
ccarver1382016-02-06 Pending0/0  
McKimens132015-12-24 Pending0/0  
oscarveli2015-10-232015-10-31Success0/0Sent an email and they never replied. However, eight days later I did receive a fan pack. The fan pack contained a thank-you letter, a little bag of Fenway dirt, two B Strong stickers, one logo sticker, and a pocket schedule. 
urbanlegenduf12015-06-062015-07-18Success0/0Rcvd fanpack!!!! 
bigbenjobu2015-05-212015-06-02Success6/0Got 3 stickers(including 2 Boston Strong), a pocket schedule, a bag of Fenway Dirt, and a letter. Great Fan Pack! 
dylan9192015-04-272015-05-02Success6/0Got 3 stickers(including 2 Boston Strong), a pocket schedule, a bag of Fenway Dirt, and a letter. 
tburton2015-04-042015-05-02Success1/1Fan pack request email 
Ebys232015-04-03 Pending0/0  
yazfan712015-03-212015-04-02Success0/0Sent email, rec'd pocket schedule, logo decal, B Strong decal & bag of Fanway dirt. 
PortRadelaide2015-01-082015-05-11Pending0/0re-sent May 11/15 
mnbigfoot2014-10-062014-10-20Success4/0Wow! Bag of Fenway Dirt, 2015 Schedule, Sticker and Autographed Photo of Xander Bogaerts (I asked for in email)! 
handifan20102014-09-262014-09-26Pending0/0sent a request for 2 fan packs 
wngrtr20052014-09-232014-10-04Success0/0Recieved Fan Pack 
Foss322014-09-022014-09-26Success0/0Received 3 fan packs from them. All had 2 stickers and Fenway dirt 
wongcastle2014-09-012014-09-15Success0/0received fan pack 
Yeaahhjeets2014-08-152014-08-22Success1/0Hand written note, two stickers, pocket schedule, and a bag of Fenway dirt 
Ryanmillerfan302014-04-17 Pending0/0  
saluki20022014-02-242014-03-08Success1/0Fenway Dirt, 2 stickers and schedule 
Baseball2472014-02-152014-02-28Success0/0Dirt, Letter, Stickers, pocket schedules 
dhuxos2014-01-212014-01-21Failure0/0bounce back email. they must know im a cardinals fan 
primetime272014-01-142014-08-19Pending0/008/19/14 Sent another request. 12 30 15 Sent antoher request. 
RealBrianD2014-01-082014-01-21Success0/0Sent email request. Received 2 stickers (A Sox logo one and a "B" Strong one similar to the one on the Monster), and a pocket schedule n pack of "Fenway Dirt" 
Coltron572014-01-06 Pending0/0Sent fan pack request. 
cbtvideos2014-01-062014-01-21Success4/1Fan Pack Requested. Got 1 pocket schedule, 2 stickers, and a small bag of dirt from Fenway Park.
cubbies4ever2013-12-202014-03-24Success0/0Sent email request - Received Pocket Schedule, Sticker, and Fenway Dirt (interesting)
Cmoney662013-12-182014-01-11Success1/0received fan pack with ryan lavarnway auto, two stickers and fenway dirt 
zachboy152013-12-032013-12-19Success1/0got a Tazawa auto, some fenway dirt, and 2 nice stickers thanks red sox 
primetime272013-09-172013-10-08Success0/0Received Fenway dirt and 2 stickers. 
Rgreen06252013-09-062013-09-06Success1/0Received Fenway dirt, pocket schedule, and 2 stickers. Don't remember requesting fan pack. 
block1002013-08-302013-09-11Success1/0sent email got fenway dirt, pocket schedule, 2 stickers 
redrocker98ta2013-08-15 Pending0/0  
Gibber992013-08-082014-04-04Failure0/0Requested fan pack 
bigsportsfan12013-08-052013-08-13Success1/0Received fan pack, thanks! 
Witt222013-07-302013-08-01Success1/0GOT A DANIEL NAVA AUTOGRAPH! got some Fenway Dirt and some other cool stuff. Sick fan pack! 
garpike2013-07-222013-08-03Success0/0email sent... 
CO Rockies Fan2013-07-102013-07-18Success5/0I sent email and got a letter, B strong decal, Red Sox sticker, Fenway Park dirt, and a pocket schedule! 
yugiohlovernick2013-06-312013-07-11Success5/0I Sent Email And Got A Hand Written Letter, Pocket Schedule, B Strong Decal, Boston Red Sox Logo Sticker, Fenway Park Dirt 
wongcastle2013-06-172013-06-24Success0/0received Fan Pack - used email 
jetman262013-06-152013-06-27Success1/1Sent Email, recv'd fan pack, sticker,B strong decal, pocket schedule, dirt, and letter 
redsoxautoman2013-06-102013-06-21Success6/0Recieved Calander, 1 Sticker, B Strong Decal, Fenway Dirt, and 2 Pocket Schedules - 
yazfan712013-06-022013-06-06Success0/0Rec'd pocket schedule feat. David Ortiz, "Sox" logo sticker, "B Strong" Sticker & bag of Fenway dirt. 
policeradio5562013-03-252013-03-25Failure0/0Immediately got automatic response "553 sorry, your envelope recipient is in rejected. either it has been deactivated or does not exist (#5.7.1)" BUMMER! 
wongcastle2013-03-232013-04-06Success0/0received fan pack 
RocklandBoulders2013-03-172013-03-30Success1/0Received Fan Pack 
MrPrez842013-03-102013-04-06Success0/0Sent an email // Received a bag of Fenway dirt, a photo of David Ortiz, a small Red Sox sticker, and a pocket schedule 
lh4augie2013-03-052013-03-23Success2/0Sent email, received Fenway dirt, 2013 calendar, pocket schedule, sticker, and 2 Ryan Sweeney Auto'd pics 
LPSweeper2013-02-222013-03-12Success1/0Sent email request; recieved Autographed Preprint Ryan Sweeney Card, Fenway dirt, letter, Pocket Schedule 
collector412013-02-202013-03-11Success1/0sent email and received letter from Fenway ambassador, Fenway dirt, sticker, 2013 pocket schedule and Andrew Miller autographed card 
pfrenchy212013-02-132013-02-22Success5/0Received handwritten letter, Fenway dirt, 2013 pocket schedule, Red Sox logo sticker, photo of Clay Buchholz 
Baseball452013-01-022013-02-01Success4/0Received handwritten letter, Fenway Dirt, 2013 schedule, Red Sox logo sticker, photo of Daniel Nava (real)! 
Ataris8162013-01-012013-01-31Success1/1I got this fan pack sometime in January. They sent a handwritten letter, Fenway dirt, 2 stickers, David Ortiz autopen autograph, 2013 pocket schedule. 
bkoon2012-12-202013-01-05Success5/0got bag of dirt note sticker and an awesome autographed picture of jacoby ellsbury 
SeaDogs1012012-09-302012-12-15Success0/0awesome fanpack included real signed photo of doubront! 
ChuckXGoren2012-09-172012-09-27Success0/0Form on website. Pocket schedule, stickers, hand-written letter, Fenway Dirt and Jon Lester pre-print picture. 
jekky3392012-09-16 Pending0/0didint work had to use 
SDre312012-09-142012-09-26Success0/0Email requests kept bouncing back, so used form on website to make request. Received handwritten letter, Fenway Dirt, 2012 schedule, Red Sox logo sticker, Fenway Park 100 Years sticker, photo of Jarrod Saltalamacchia
Dragon2012-09-012012-09-13Success0/0Awesome fan pack. Stickers- socks and 100 years Fenway Park, hand written letter, pocket schedule, possible preprint auto of Cody Ross and an awesome packet of Fenway Park dirt!
baltimorefan52012-08-132012-08-20Success0/0Dirt 2 stickers cody ross big card and 1 schedule 
packer2012-07-312012-11-04Failure0/0Calling this one a failure... I could still get it back but not likely 
biggsy23232012-07-222012-06-30Success0/0Fenway Dirt, 2012 Schedule, Red Sox Sticker, Fenway Park 100 Yards Sticker, Photo of Jon Lester, Photo of Wally. Awesome! 
yankeesfan13242012-07-222012-07-30Success6/0Sent to email, recieved fenway dirt, 100 years sticker, logo sticker, pocket schedule, 4x6 of wally, 4x6 of saltamachia in 8 days 
aagonzalez2012-07-132012-07-29Success1/0sent an email, received Red Sox magazine, photo of Dustin Pedroia, 2 stickers and Fenway Dirt. Best Fan Pack ever. 
wongcastle2012-06-262012-07-16Success0/0Fan Pack - used email 
Tibbs112012-06-22 Pending0/0  
RedSox05182012-06-132012-06-21Success7/0Got my fan pack today. Beckett Photo Card, Red Sox Nation Wrist Band, Fenway Dirt, Logo Sticker, Wall Calendar, Schedule, All-Star ballot Pre Punched with Red Sox members. Very Cool 
yazfan712012-03-072012-03-30Success0/0Red Sox fan pack came today. They sent a 4x6 of Ellsbury, logo sticker, 100 years of Fenway sticker, Red Sox Nation band, bag of Fenway warning track dirt & a 2012 pocket schedule. 
BalesofNay2012-01-182012-02-12Success7/0Magazine, Pedrioa Pic, Wristband, Sticker, Fenway Dirt, Schedule, Sent from Florida 
jjj52782011-09-16 Failure0/0" 553 sorry, your envelope recipient is in rejected. either it has been deactivated or does not exist (#5.7.1)" 
wongcastle2011-09-142011-09-19Success0/0Fan Pack - used email 
negatetime2011-08-272011-09-12Success1/0Figured we were too late in the year to get one, but it came in today. Included was Fenway dirt, big sticker, Red Sox wristband, Jacoby photo, schedule and a letter.
madduxfan1232011-08-062011-08-22Success1/0received handwritten letter, pedroia oversize, mascot oversize, pocket schedule, big sticker, red sox nation wristband, and fenway dirt. 
Allistor2011-05-302011-06-03Success1/0Got a red sox nation wristband, fenway dirt, oversized Youkilis card, letter, Jim Rice HOF postcard, and two pocket schedules. 
TrFstPtch2011-05-152011-06-04Success0/0letter, calendar, photos of david ortiz and mascot, sticker, pocket schedule, fenway dirt 
Big_MO2011-04-242011-05-04Success0/0Got a sticker, dirt, player card, letter, 2011 calendar, and pocket schedule. 
bebecerveza2010-12-212011-01-03Success0/0Dirt, Letter, Picture 
wongcastle2010-09-272010-10-19Success0/0Fan Pack - used email 
wongcastle2010-09-032010-09-10Success0/0Fan Pack - used email 
wongcastle2010-09-012010-09-01Failure0/0" 553 sorry, your envelope recipient is in rejected. either it has been deactivated or does not exist (#5.7.1)" 
joshh2122010-07-272010-08-06Success0/0not positive on dates, received fenway dirt, sox sticker, Ellsbury photo, letter from "ambassador" and info on renting fenway 
garnett_212010-05-102010-06-04Success0/0Received letter of thanks, Red Sox Kid Nation enrollment form, '10 pocket schedule, large sticker of old Red Sox logo, oversized Kevin Youkilis card, magnetic '10 schedule, and a baggie of Fenway dirt 
baseball1232009-12-072009-12-11Success0/0Fan Pack: Can view here: 
Sawks142009-09-022009-09-15Success1/0Not exactly sure on dates. Received Fenway dirt, Pedroia pic, pocket sched, letter thanking me for being a fan. 
johnmenard12009-08-032009-08-10Success5/0I Got A Auto Photo Of Andrew Miller Mini Schedule Fenway Dirt Red Sox Sticker Fenway 100 Years Sticker Only Took 7 Days 
johnmenard12009-08-032009-08-10Pending5/0Sent Email I Got A Auto Photo Of Andrew Miller Mini Schedule Fenway Dirt Red Sox Sticker Fenway 100 Years Sticker Only Took 7 Days 
sdfc872009-05-022009-05-14Success0/0Red Sox Fan Pack Included Fenway Park Dirt 
SteakNchop2009-02-012009-04-02Success0/0not sure when sent it and got it 
SteakNchop2009-02-012009-03-01Success0/0not sure when sent it and got it 
SteakNchop2009-02-012009-03-01Success0/0not sure when sent it and got it....requested multiple times 
snifs2009-01-032009-02-01Success1/0fenway dirt, david oritz card, stickers, thank you letter 

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