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Chicago White Sox      Sport:      Baseball    Player success rate 98%

Chicago White Sox
U.S. Cellular Field
333 West 35th Street
Chicago, IL 60616

Address success percentage: 100 %
Added by:RockiesFan33   Added on:   2009-05-13
Reported Successes and Failures:
Namedate sentdate receivedResultratioCommentImage
BASEBALLCOLECTOR2016-12-012016-12-08Success5/0Sent email requesting for a fan pack received a weak fan pack with a few schedules, a pack of 2015 Topps cards, a sticker, and a few advertisements 
druce262016-11-202016-12-01Success5/0sent email 
Tphil592016-06-152016-06-24Success0/0Sent an email to requesting fan pack. Received letter, pack of 4 2015 topps series 2 cards, sticker, 2 pocket schedules, sox pride club flyer and other club flyers. 
trevor198862015-06-152015-06-19Success0/02 pocket schedules, thank you letter, sticker and merchandise order form 
autographs20102014-01-242014-01-27Success0/0Logo Sticker and Team Schedule 
yazfan712013-06-022013-06-07Success0/0Rec'd 2 pocket schedules feat. Peavy, logo sticker & order forms for other merchandise. 
Thefon192012-06-152012-06-23Success0/0Used Fanfeedback and received 2 pocket schedules, sticker, promo cards and an ordering form for other items. 
wongcastle2010-09-272010-10-23Success0/0Fan Pack - used email 
Chicago White Sox
Camelback Ranch Stadium
10710 West Camelback Rd.
Phoenix, AZ 85037

Address success percentage: 0 %
Instruction:Spring Training Address
Added by:RockiesFan33   Added on:   2009-05-13
Reported Successes and Failures:
Namedate sentdate receivedResultratioCommentImage
      No report!

Chicago White Sox

Address success percentage: 100 %
Added by:bebecerveza   Added on:   2011-04-06
Reported Successes and Failures:
Namedate sentdate receivedResultratioCommentImage
Bgarg2014-11-152014-11-21Pending0/0nice fan pack and quick return 
wngrtr20052014-10-06 Pending0/0  
Foss322014-09-192014-09-25Success0/0Received fan pack 
wongcastle2014-09-012014-09-06Success0/0received fan pack 
cbtvideos2014-01-062014-01-11Success0/0Fan Pack Requested. Got 2 schedules, 1 sticker, and SouthPaw program.
primetime272013-09-232013-10-11Success0/0Received 1 logo sticker and 2014 schedule. 
block1002013-08-302013-09-06Success0/0sent email got logo sticker, 2 pocket schedules and some team info 
yugiohlovernick2013-07-012013-07-10Success0/0Sent Email And Got A Letter, 2013 WS Publication Order Form, Sox Pride Club Info Sheet, WS Kids Club Pamphlet, South Paw Appearances Pamphlet, White Sox Logo Sticker, 2 Pocket Schedules 
wongcastle2013-06-172013-07-06Success0/0received Fan Pack - used email 
MrPrez842013-04-08 Pending0/0Sent request via website 
primetime272013-03-062013-03-14Success0/0Received 2 pocket schedules and 1 sticker. Also received letter and flyers. 
LPSweeper2013-02-272013-03-03Success0/0Sent Email Request; Got 2 Pocket Schedules, Sticker, Fan Club Advertisement, Mascot Rental Advertisement 
navig8tr1502013-02-132013-02-19Success0/0Rec. 2 pocket schedules and a Sox sticker. Fast reply. 
Dragon2012-09-012012-09-10Success0/0Sent them an email, got 2 pocket schedules, a logo sticker, paper that talks about their memberships, form to purchase items from 2012 and a letter thanking me for being a fan and saying whats in the fan pack
biggsy23232012-07-222012-07-25Success2/02 2012 Schedules & Car Decal 
wongcastle2012-06-262012-07-02Success0/0Fan Pack - used email 
wongcastle2011-09-142011-09-17Success0/0Fan Pack - used email 
saluki20022011-04-272011-05-05Success2/0Sent Fan Pack for me and my son 
Chicago White Sox
-, - -

Address success percentage: 94 %
Added by:cubbies4ever   Added on:   2014-03-07
Reported Successes and Failures:
Namedate sentdate receivedResultratioCommentImage
JMagic932017-03-272017-03-30Success0/0Received the good ole plain White Sox fan pack with the letter, kids club info, publication order form, southpaw info, sticker, pack of 2015 topps cards and 2 pocket schedules 
jrona72016-10-222016-10-28Success1/0Sent email. 
LiaoCJ2016-07-012017-02-20Failure0/0Write Off 
primetime272015-12-30 Pending0/0  
benlee662015-11-152015-11-20Success0/0sent out one for me and one for my son. included schedules, sticker, magnet, and a six pack of cards. Thx Sox! 
oscarveli2015-10-232015-10-29Success0/0Contained a thank-you letter, publication order form, a Southpaw Appearance flyer, a 2015 In-Park Guide, a 2016 schedule, a logo sticker, and six Kids Club player cards of Chris Sale, José Abreu, Alexei Ramírez, David Robertson, Adam Eaton, and Southpaw. 
jkosmicki182015-08-232015-08-27Success4/02 pocket schedules, sticker, letter 
tburton2015-04-152015-04-24Success1/0Email Request 
PAYE20052015-03-302015-04-09Success1/0stickers, info about the mascot and 2 schedules 
yazfan712015-03-212015-03-27Success0/0Sent email, rec'd a letter, A publication Order Form, A Southpaw Appearance Flyer, Two Pocket Schedules 
BayAreaJavy2015-03-042015-03-30Success0/02 pocket schedules, 2014 yearbook, sticker, letter, bunch of flyers. 
PortRadelaide2015-01-012015-01-15Success0/0Letter, Order form, a sticker and two pocket schedules. Thanks guys! GO Sox! 
NorCalCards2014-11-132014-11-17Success0/0Sent e-mail!, Today I got a letter, A publication Order Form, A White Sox sticker, A Southpaw Appearance Flyer, Two 2014 Pocket Schedule, 2014 Chicago White Sox In Park Guide. 
primetime272014-08-182014-08-29Success0/0Received 2 pocket shedules, sticker and promo flyers. 
yazfan712014-04-072014-04-14Success0/0Sent email, got logo sticker & 2 schedules. 
cubbies4ever2014-03-012014-03-07Success0/0Received fan pack, 6 days

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