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Cincinnati Reds      Sport:      Baseball    Player success rate 86%

Cincinnati Reds
Great American Ballpark
100 Main Street
Cincinnati, OH 45202

Address success percentage: 0 %
Added by:RockiesFan33   Added on:   2009-05-13
Reported Successes and Failures:
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      No report!

Cincinnati Reds
Reds Player Development Complex
3125 South Wood Boulevard
Goodyear, AZ 85338

Address success percentage: 0 %
Instruction:Spring Training Address
Added by:RockiesFan33   Added on:   2009-05-13
Reported Successes and Failures:
Namedate sentdate receivedResultratioCommentImage
      No report!

Cincinnati Reds

Address success percentage: 86 %
Instruction:Email address
Added by:sdfc87   Added on:   2009-06-08
Reported Successes and Failures:
Namedate sentdate receivedResultratioCommentImage
Pigul2019-01-102017-01-26Success11/0Great Fan Pack - I got a complete set of reds player cards, a oversized card, a redsfest guide, a sping schedule, a reg schedule, a note , and 5 fatheads. 
DrewEd2017-07-312017-08-04Success0/0Similar contents as described in recent reports 
redsoxlove62017-07-182017-07-22Success1/1jumbo tops card of Suarez. 4 topps 2016 series 1 baseball cards. 3 power of tradition reds cards. 2 team photos. 3 fatheads of Barnhart, Iglesias, and Duvall 
devils18542017-07-152017-07-21Success0/03 player cards, pack of 2016 topps cards, 3 fatheads, oversized player card, 2016 team picture, 1976 team picture 
PJsDad2017-05-13 Pending0/0Sent email requesting a fan pack for my son. 
JumpinJackSplash2017-05-062017-05-19Success0/0good fan pack here sent email, got magnet schedule, pocket schedule, 2 stickers, team photos of 1976 and 2016 teams, oversized card of Suarez and fan letter 
JMagic932017-03-282017-04-01Success0/0Received letter, promo pack of topps cards, oversized Eugenio Suarez topps card, 2 fathead sheets, 2016 and 1976 team photos and 2 pocket schedules 
aarjon2017-03-092017-04-04Success0/0Great fan pack, got all the same stuff that everyone else is listing. 
rdel4442017-02-202017-03-01Success0/0Received fat head and topps promo packs of cards, also over sized topps cards.. Great fan pack 
Doer032017-02-05 Pending0/0Requested FPs for both sons. 
haynmay2017-01-272017-02-03Success0/0dont get excited! 
primetime272017-01-152017-02-06Failure0/0Received answer they do not ship outside the USA. 
Rockiesfan132016-12-262017-01-05Success11/0Very nice fan pack 2 pocket schedules over sized topps card of Eugenio Suarez, fan fest guide 4 8x10's and deck of all reds players card 
1908to2016RIP2016-12-092016-12-24Success1/0Sent email through and received Fathead minis, a oversized Suarez card, mini schedule, and stickers 
totalnv2016-11-012016-11-18Success1/0Letter, 5x7 player photo (Eugenio Suarez), seven 8x10 player photo/Fathead decals sheets 
Jamman19782016-08-182016-09-01Success9/0Fathead's of Bailey,Cozart, Iglesias,Votto and both mascots. 2016 calendar. Letter. Sealed Kahn's hotdogs team set of baseball cards. And another fathead of both mascots dressed as star wars characters and a oversized topps card of Iglesias 
LiaoCJ2016-07-04 Failure0/0Write Off 
Tphil592016-06-152016-06-27Success0/0Sent email to requesting fan pack. Received a letter, pocket schedule, fat head of Homer Bailey, and magnet schedule 
abonham12016-05-202016-06-08Success2/0asked for 2 packs for my kids...they send 2, includes stickers, key chain, mascot cards, pocket schedules 
Doer032016-03-112016-03-17Success2/2Asked to send one for both of my boys. Sent (2) 2014 Kahn's twam sets, Gapper magnets, and Mr. Redleg picture cards and some stickers. 
stlcrazy2016-01-29 Pending0/0  
primetime272015-12-302015-12-31Failure0/0Received answer they do not ship outside the USA. 
gobronxgo2015-06-162015-06-23Success0/0Nice pack 
Ebys232015-06-01 Pending0/0  
buddyg132015-03-282015-03-30Success0/0Received a pocket schedule, a Mr. Red post card, 4 stickers, a magnet, and a 8x10 Nexhull photo 
yazfan712015-03-212015-04-01Success0/0Sent email, rec'd 2 Pocket schedules, 8x10 Joe Nuxhall 70th Anniversary picture, 5x7 card of Mr. Red, Mr. Red magnet, 6 variuos Reds stickers 
eaglesrock552015-03-14 Pending0/0  
BayAreaJavy2015-03-022015-03-14Success20/0nice fan pack (1 reds hof 2014 8x10 photo, letter, 2 mascot cards, 1 magnet, 13 stickers, 2 pocket schedules) 
ptmerr012015-03-022015-03-06Success0/0Got a Letter, 2014 Reds HOF Print, Stickers & Schedule
ssakona2015-02-202015-03-23Success0/02 logo stickers, 2 mr. red stickers, large sticker, mr. red magnet, mr. red photo, gapper photo, 2014 reds hof induction 8x10 poster, 2 2015 pocket schedules and a letter 
primetime272015-02-062015-02-06Failure0/0Received response that they do not ship outside the USA. 
stlcrazy2015-01-252015-02-06Success6/0Got a magnet and bunch of stickers and HOF 2014 reds print 
PortRadelaide2015-01-01 Pending0/0  
Awood22014-09-17 Pending0/0  
chefsanders2014-09-122014-09-20Success7/0Bunch of stickers and magnet schedule 
Foss322014-09-022014-09-11Success0/0Received 2 fan packs 
wongcastle2014-09-012014-09-06Success0/0received fan pack 
jaredadam19782014-03-242014-04-04Success7/0johnny vander meer 8x10,larkin retirement 8x10,thank you letter,pocket schedule and 3 stickers 
jaredadam19782014-03-11 Pending0/1requested fan pack via email. 
Baseball2472014-02-152014-02-21Success9/0Letter: Johnny Vander Meer 8x10: Barry Larkin 8x10:Mascot cards: Stickers 
JoeWeb102014-01-092014-01-19Success1/1Awesome stuff. A little bent. May request another during season! 
cbtvideos2014-01-062014-01-11Success11/1Fan Pack Requested. Got 1 pocket schedule, 5 stickers, Barry Larkin Number Retirement print, Johnny Vander Meer print, 2013 Team photo, and 2 mascot prints.
psychosis32872013-11-022013-11-18Success0/0Sent request and got lots of good stuff.
primetime272013-09-232014-08-19Failure0/008/19/14 Sent a follow-up by email. 08/20/14 Received reponse that do no ship outside the USA. 
Rgreen06252013-09-072013-09-12Success1/0Sent email request/ received 2 stickers, 1 bumper sticker, 1 pocket schedule, 1 oversized Sparky Anderson card, 1 Mr. RedLegs oversized card, 2 Rosie Red oversized cards, Hall of Fame coupon, Johnny Vander Meer photo, Barry Larkin #11 photo. Thanks Reds! 
Gibber992013-08-292013-09-06Success1/0Awesome fan pack including card pack, 4 oversize cards, 3 different Reds sticks and Larkin number retirement ceremony 8x10 
autographs20102013-08-272014-01-24Success0/0Sent Barry Larkin 8x10 and logo stickers 
silojohnson2013-08-242013-08-28Success9/0exact same as previous person's success... Really like the Barry Larkin 8x10 
bnhkb12013-08-132013-08-16Pending9/0Pocket Schedule, 3 mascot oversized cards, 2 large stickers, Sparky Anderson oversized, Johnny VanderMeer posted, Barry Larkin Retirement 8x10 
Witt222013-07-142013-07-19Success1/0Received a ton of cool stuff including a Sparky Anderson big card! 
CO Rockies Fan2013-07-102013-07-13Success10/0Got a RON OESTER AUTOGRAPH!, 3 stickers, 1 pocket schedule, 1 Jeff Bradley card, a Lee May 5x7 pic, a mascot 5x7 pic, a letter, and a Barry Larkin 11 number retiring picture. 
wongcastle2013-06-202013-06-27Success0/0received Fan Pack - used email 
Ryanmillerfan302013-06-05 Pending0/0going to a game in a few weeks. hoping to get something to get autographed when i go 
yazfan712013-06-022013-06-07Success0/0Rec'd Barry Larkin number retirement folder with 8x10 illustration, window logo decal, 4 different logo stickers, 3 5x7 mascot cards of Gapper, Rosie Red & Mr. Redlegs, pocket schedule feat. Chapman, coupon foldee, Reds rubber bracelet & Reds lanyard. 
gdfitch2013-04-13 Pending0/0Sent an email requesting a fan pack. 
MrPrez842013-04-08 Pending0/0Sent request via email address 
primetime272013-03-062013-09-04Success0/008/28/13 Sent 2nd request. 09/04/13 Jay Bruce card, Pocket Schedule, 3 mascot oversized cards, 3 stickers, Sparky Anderson oversized, Johnny VanderMeer oversized, Dave Conception Retirement 8x10 
Ataris8162013-03-012013-03-06Success0/0My first fan pack from the Reds! 2 stickers, Rosie Red & Mr. Redlegs info cards, Barry Larkin retirement picture/folder, Reds bracelet, and 2013 pocket schedule! Very cool! 
LPSweeper2013-02-272013-03-04Success8/0Sent email request; Got Rubber Bracelet, Pocket Schedule, Rally Towel, Bumpster Sticker, Reds Sticker, 2 Mascot Cards, 8 x 10 Barry Larkin Photo 
DownGoesFrazier2012-06-212012-07-21Success1/0Sent a fan pack. Received stickers, pocket schedule, Joey Votto poster, and 2 Dave Concepcion portraits 
Csarge82012-06-06 Pending0/0  
wongcastle2012-05-112012-06-07Success0/0Fan Pack - used email 
prezby972012-05-052012-05-11Success1/0Buncha stuff! MLB Cincinnati Reds: Joey Votto poster, 2 stickers, Topps mini book for kids, bumper sticker, pocket schedule, a photo of Votto, Stubbs, Phillips, and Bruce, and A JOEY VOTTO FIGURINE!!! Awesome success! 
BigBlueNation2012-04-292012-06-02Failure0/0Requested Fan Pack. Didn't receive anything. 
bigsportsfan12012-03-05 Pending0/0  
white_rabbit2012-03-042012-06-05Failure0/0maybe they ignore us if we email in march or april? 
r0yals20122012-02-232012-03-01Success0/1Killer Fan Pack! Some Desk Plaque, TShirt, Several Pocket Schedules, Lots of Stickers, Pom Pom, Luggage Tag, Votto Lithograph (500 are autographs so try your luck. Mine wasn't auto'd) 
TrFstPtch2011-05-152011-05-27Success0/0letter, 3 stickers, team set of cards 
saluki20022011-04-272013-12-30Failure0/0I dont remember it I got anything 
bebecerveza2011-03-16 Pending0/0  
wongcastle2010-09-272010-10-13Success0/0Fan Pack - used email 
snifs2010-08-012010-08-26Success1/0stickers, schedule, keychain, mascot cards 
HOFBirds212010-02-122010-12-30Pending0/0used email 
sdfc872009-05-022009-05-19Success0/0Reds Fan Pack 

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