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Clint Dempsey      Sport:      Soccer    Player success rate 96%

Clint Dempsey
Seattle Sounders FC
12 Seahawks Way
Renton, Washington 98056

Address success percentage: 95 %
Added by:KingTito5   Added on:   2014-07-28
Reported Successes and Failures:
Namedate sentdate receivedResultratioCommentImage
Akweldadam2017-01-30 Pending0/111x14 SI cover 
swedishpenguin422016-04-202016-05-26Success1/21 was nicely signed but the other one was not. The one I preferred to get signed was signed! 
rchurchward2016-03-092016-04-18Success1/1Sent 7x10 version of his FIFA 16 Inform Card. Signed in black Sharpie. 
xxmikekooxx2015-09-162015-11-10Success2/2Signed both 8x10's I sent. Great score! 
lh4augie2015-08-062015-09-24Success1/12014 World Cup SI- Signed small in black sharpie 
raywhite242015-06-222015-08-29Success1/44 IC for me and some friends // sent back a signed custom 4x6. Got bent in my sase but still pretty cool 
MasonBarber2015-06-122015-09-23Success1/1Good return glad I got this one back 
Schuler7572015-06-09 Pending0/2  
jwongnyy2015-06-082015-08-31Success2/22 4x6, got back 2 signed! 
rchurchward2015-04-232015-05-22Success1/1Sent original 11x14 pop art painting. Signed in black paint pen, including '8' and 'USA.' 
scoobysnacks2015-04-132015-05-23Success2/22 signed cards Recvd, Awesome black sharpie auto! 
Akweldadam2015-03-182015-04-27Success1/2Sent 2 8x10 USA photos, rec'd 1 signed in silver sharpie 
PorterMan202015-03-042015-04-01Success2/2Both Goodwin cards were returned signed! 
Fschiano2015-02-072015-03-31Success1/1Sent 8x10 Photo Recieved Signed in Black Sharpie 
cameron29152015-01-092015-02-28Pending0/3Sent Three 8x10's 
jkrhake2014-09-272014-12-15Success1/1Sent mini usa ball 
torrebroncos142014-08-09 Pending0/2Sent 2 8x10s 
67anbh2014-08-012015-08-03Failure0/2Sent 2 4x6's. write off 
raywhite242014-07-312015-09-24Success1/4Threw away IC, sent back ticket unsigned, but did send his own 4x6 signed! Looooong wait 
KingTito52014-04-152014-07-28Success1/1Sent 8x10. Signed in black sharpie 
PhantomApache2009-08-24 Pending0/11 card 
Clint Dempsey
Fulham FC Training Ground
Motspur Park
New Malden, Surrey KT3 6PT

Address success percentage: 0 %
Instruction:C/O Player Liaison Manager
Added by:tampacannon   Added on:   2011-03-20
Reported Successes and Failures:
Namedate sentdate receivedResultratioCommentImage
tampacannon2011-03-20 Pending0/1sent USA attax card 
Clint Dempsey
CenturyLink Field
800 Occidental Ave S Seattle
Seattle, Washington 98134-1200

Address success percentage: 100 %
Instruction:C/o Seattle Sounders
Added by:goblackhawks123   Added on:   2014-05-20
Reported Successes and Failures:
Namedate sentdate receivedResultratioCommentImage
Phillies Fan2015-03-072015-04-27Success1/1World cup card 
Coltron572014-10-202014-12-08Success1/11 4x6 photo. Wow, very nice success from a future American legend. 
goblackhawks1232014-05-122014-07-29Success1/1Sent 2014 MLS Topps card. Signed 1/1 card in black sharpie. 

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